Denizli people flocked to camel wrestling

Denizli residents flock to Camel Wrestling
Denizli people flocked to camel wrestling

📩 16/01/2023 16:25

Camel wrestling, organized for the second time this year by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, was the scene of colorful scenes again. “Arab Mustafa” won the Metropolitan Cup in the event where tens of thousands of citizens flocked. Emphasizing that they continue to keep the values ​​from the past alive, Mayor Zolan said, “We will survive when we protect our values”.

Tens of thousands experienced the excitement of camel wrestling together

Camel wrestling, one of the important values ​​of the Yörük Turkmen culture, organized by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality for the second time this year, again witnessed colorful scenes. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality 2nd Camel Wrestling, organized with the aim of keeping the camel wrestling alive and transferring it to the next generations, was held at the Traditional Turkish Sports Games Complex of the Metropolitan Municipality. The program was watched by AK Party Denizli Deputy Cahit Özkan, Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan, Merkezefendi District Governor Adem Uslu, MHP Denizli Provincial Chairman Mehmet Ali Yılmaz, district mayors, guests and tens of thousands of citizens. In the organization where wrestling lovers from the surrounding cities flocked, the stands were completely filled. In the event that lasted all day, 2 wrestler camels from Denizli, Aydın and Muğla, as well as the surrounding provinces, fought fiercely. The competitions watched with interest by the citizens were breathtaking.

Denizli residents flock to Camel Wrestling

“I saw that our people were happy”

Greeting the citizens who fill the Traditional Turkish Sports Games Complex, President Osman Zolan said in a statement that the values ​​from the past should be moved forward without letting them disappear. Mayor Zolan said, “We need to bring our values ​​together with our young people who will have a say in this country in the future. That's why we are doing many activities to protect our values ​​and carry them to the future. Today, by organizing camel wrestling, we wanted to keep our value coming from the Yörük Turkmen tradition and reaching today. Urbanization should not prevent them, we wanted to protect this beauty together with our people and transfer it to the future. Stating that the participation in the event was at a very high level, Mayor Zolan said, “Our people are in good spirits and enthusiasm. Because when our core values ​​come into being, what happened thousands of years ago, what is in our genes, is actually carried to today. Our people feel it and their happiness hits him in the face. "I saw that people are happy here," he said.

Denizli residents flock to Camel Wrestling

“We survive when we don't forget our past”

President Zolan continued his speech as follows: “We survive when we protect our roots and values. We survive when we do not forget our past. When we protect our values ​​that make us who we are, we remain 'us'. If we do not take care of it, we will be no different from other countries. We need to protect and not lose our values ​​that make us different from other countries and other nations. One of them is our camel wrestling. Our citizens showed great interest in this beauty, which comes from our Yörük Turkmen tradition and comes from our essence. I thank each and every one of them individually. I hope we will protect these values ​​together.”

Denizli residents flock to Camel Wrestling

2 big trophies found

Camel wrestling, where 160 wrestler camels fought fiercely throughout the day, was the scene of colorful scenes. While the citizens were experiencing the excitement of the wrestling, on the other hand, they immortalized the experiences with their cell phone cameras. As a result of the competitions that lasted throughout the day, “Arab Mustafa” from Denizli became the owner of the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Cup, while there was no victory in the Governor's Cup, “Göktuğ Paşa 2” and “Tunabey 1” were tied. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan and his entourage gave their cups to the owners of the camels.

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