Çiğli – Menemen Region Becomes the Favorite of Investors

Cigli Menemen Region Has Become A Favorite Of Investors
Çiğli - Menemen Region Becomes the Favorite of Investors

📩 06/01/2023 11:16

Now Real Estate Founder Architect and Interior Architect Özgür Ali Karaduman, who joined the Real Estate Service Partnership (GHO) after serving in the real estate and building materials industry for years, said that Çiğli and Menemen are the new favorites of investors.

Stating that the Çiğli – Menemen axis is an important region for İzmir, Özgür Ali Karaduman said, “Currently, the city continues to grow towards the north. Many construction companies also prefer this region. The transportation advantage offered by the ring road connection, Izban and the Çiğli tram project, which has started trial runs, also plays a big part in this. Çiğli has become an important life center with its industrial area, Katip Çelebi and Bakırçay universities, private schools and hospitals. Its proximity to summer resorts such as Dikili, Çandarlı and Foça also offers an important advantage. Many individual and institutional investors from outside the city also reach us to buy residences and workplaces.


Karaduman pointed out that after the pandemic and earthquake, the expectations of those who want to own a house have changed, and projects with solid ground and within the complex have started to see more demand.

Karaduman continued his words as follows: “After the pandemic, people started to prefer projects where they could breathe more. Especially families with children want to live in sites with green areas. Since there are newer constructions in regions such as Ulukent Koyundere, the sites with modern, green areas and social facilities attract the attention of both residents and investors. Moreover, the fact that the ground of this region is more resistant to earthquakes is another reason for preference. The houses in the north of the city can offer 30-40 percent more advantageous prices compared to the city center due to the more affordable land costs. It is now very difficult and costly to produce new land in city centers. For this reason, we can say that the Çiğli-Menemen axis will continue to be demanded by both investors and residents in 2023. At the moment, we offer a service for every demand in the field of real estate. We continue our work with a professional team of 7 people specializing in villas, land, projects and individual housing sales, rental and commercial areas.


Noting that GHO continues to grow throughout the country, General Manager Özkan Yalaza also gave the following information: “Currently, GHO's 29 offices serve as a single office. We have established a wide service network with information flow between offices and portfolio sharing over the system. We are able to respond quickly to our customers. We will continue our growth in the sector in 2023. As GHO, we want to spread the synergy we have achieved to all offices and to expand the working system in which everyone will benefit. Every project we take is not for a single office, we aim to develop all offices and to be able to do business together. In order for the sector to gain momentum, the scope of affordable housing loans announced in the past days should be expanded and applied for second-hand apartments as well.

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