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Types of Printed Kraft Bags

Kraft bags are divided into many categories within themselves. Companies can choose the most suitable type of kraft bag for themselves and purchase them in bulk. If we refer to the types of printed kraft bags in order, a list can be made as follows: There are types such as paper bags with straight handles, kraft bags with twisted handles or paper bags without handles. The type of kraft bags needed for businesses can be selected quite easily. Especially printed kraft bag Brand logo can be printed as desired. Businesses can make bulk purchases by printing their own brand logos on bags. In this way, it is possible to reach a much wider customer base.

Doypack Ziplock Bag Types

There are more than one type of ziplock bags. If we talk about these types, first of all, we can talk about the types of locked flat bottom bags. These bags, which go through a completely nature-friendly production stage, can be found in the desired color options. In addition, there are flat bottom bag types with windows where the contents of the package can be seen. These varieties are also offered in different color options. In addition, with aluminum lock doypacks varieties are also available with many different color options. Transparent locked special for those who want a completely transparent packaging doypacks packages are included.

In addition to these, there are also kraft full window, aluminum side gusseted bags and kraft windowed ziplock packages. Businesses can choose the ones they want from these package types and place bulk orders in very high quantities. Prices vary depending on the product type.

Types of Disposable Meal Containers

disposable food containers If we talk about the varieties, first of all, it can be said that there are more than 50 varieties. There are different types of materials such as plastic and cardboard. In addition, there are different types of partitioned and transparent according to the usage area. In addition, the temperature up to which the food containers are resistant also varies.

disposable food containers Plastic sauce cups, soup cups, salad cups, soup bowls, soup bowl lids, 3-compartment lidded serving sets, 2-compartment heat resistant serving sets, ice cream bowls, microwave containers, sauce cups and many more can be listed. Lunch box can be easily found in the desired material, color, variety and service set.

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