Bursa İnegöl Real Estate Housing Projects

inegol real estate housing projects
inegol real estate housing projects

📩 04/01/2023 21:47

With the newly enacted whole city law, new real estate – housing projects are coming to life in the villages that have gained neighborhood status in Bursa İnegöl! Inegol Municipality has prepared 17 types of projects suitable for the traditional and architectural features of the regions for those who want to build in new neighborhoods. Bursa İnegöl real estate housing projects Acting Mayor Turgay Yel, who came to the forefront with his work, stated that with this work, the residents of the rural areas will not spend additional money to have the project drawn, and an architectural integrity will be provided in the rural neighborhoods. Turgay Yel also stated that if these ready projects do not fit the land of the citizen, he can get permission from the municipality by having the project drawn.

Deputy Mayor Turgay Yel, who also explained the documents to be prepared by rural neighborhood residents who want to get a construction permit with a type project, said, “Deed, application diameter, zoning status for the year, residence certificate from the neighborhood headman, a notary commitment to implement the type project, Technical Implementation Officer, for static commitment of technical application manager, contract, office registration, copy of diploma, 6 sets of architectural projects, 5 sets of static projects, 5 sets of electrical projects, 5 sets of installation projects, photocopy of owner identification. Our citizens who want to build can start construction after they make all these preparations and get a construction permit.”

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