Game of Thrones Wind in Bilecik: Who is Melek Mızrak Subaşı, how old is he?

How old is Bilecik Game of Thrones Windy Angel Mizrak Subasi
Game of Thrones Wind in Bilecik Who is Angel Spear Subasi, how old is he?

📩 26/02/2023 08:55

Bilecik Deputy Mayor Subaşı, who was on the agenda after İBB President İmamoğlu's visit to Bilecik, said on his social media account, “I see your compliments, jokes and nice comments, and I thank everyone. Before I forget, Winter Is Coming!” shared.

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğluAfter Bilecik's visit to Bilecik, Deputy Mayor of Bilecik Melek Mızrak Subaşı became the agenda on social media.

The frames shared by Subaşı, who is likened to the characters of the world-famous TV series Game of Thrones, received many comments.

Who is Melek Mızrak Subasi, how old is he?

He was born in Bulgaria in 1988. He completed his primary and secondary education in Edebali Primary School and high school in Bilecik Anatolian High School. Melek Mızrak Subaşı, who later completed her Bachelor of Architecture at the Bulgaria Sofia Higher Construction, Architecture and Geology University, completed her master's degree with thesis at the same university and was awarded by the Bulgarian Architects Union.
Melek Mızrak Subaşı was accepted as a member of the Chamber of Architects after graduation and practiced her profession in her own architectural office for 4 years.

He started his duty as Bilecik Deputy Mayor with the local elections on March 31, 2019. During his vice-presidency, he also successfully fulfilled and continues to fulfill the duties of the President of the Zoning Commission, the Clerk of the Council of the Assembly, the Main Member of the City Aesthetics Board, the Chairman of Bilecik Belediyespor and the Bilecik Women's Cooperative Manager.

Melek Mızrak Subaşı continues to undertake many projects on behalf of her city as a natural and principal member of associations such as the Union of Municipalities of Turkey, the Union of Healthy Cities of Turkey, the Union of Historical Cities and the Union of Marmara Municipalities, which she attaches importance to cooperation.

Subaşı is currently the Deputy Mayor of Bilecik Municipality, is married and has a child.

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