What are the Procedures Performed in Vehicle Maintenance? What Should Be Considered in Vehicle Maintenance?

What are the Operations Performed in Vehicle Maintenance What Should Be Considered in Vehicle Maintenance
What are the Operations in Vehicle Maintenance What Should Be Considered in Vehicle Maintenance

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It is of great importance to have your vehicle serviced in terms of not having any problems in traffic, both for your own safety and the safety of other vehicles in traffic. Your vehicle may have a problem that you haven't noticed yet. Or, a small problem may become much bigger due to negligence and may reach a stage that will both threaten your life safety and force you financially. In order not to deal with such problems and to drive safely in traffic, vehicle maintenance should be done at regular intervals.

Procedures Performed in Periodic Vehicle Maintenance

Daily vehicle maintenance keeps both your vehicle and you safe in traffic, but daily vehicle maintenance is not enough. Your vehicle's model, age, type, etc. You should also have periodic vehicle maintenance at certain intervals, taking into account the characteristics of the vehicle. Periodic maintenance is the process of controlling all parts of the vehicle and making the non-working parts work or replacing them with new ones.

The following operations are carried out in periodic vehicle maintenance:

Engine Oil Change

Engine oil, which ensures the smooth operation of the engine and prevents mechanical friction, is renewed during the periodical maintenance process. Thus, the operation of the engine continues properly and the wear of the engine is prevented.

Battery Maintenance

A periodic inspection without checking the battery, which is one of the most important parts of the vehicle, is unthinkable. Connection cables, battery electrolyte levels, battery voltage and terminal cleaning are absolutely checked during periodic maintenance.

Glow Plug Control

Spark plugs, which are one of the in-vehicle mechanisms, are also checked during periodic maintenance and if any malfunction is detected, the necessary repair or change is made.

Brake System Check

Components such as brake pads, brake center, brake fluid, brake connection hoses are also systems that are checked within the scope of periodic maintenance.

Fuel Filter Change

Even if you are very sensitive about the fuel of your vehicle and use the best fuel, if there is a problem with your fuel filter, unwanted substances will be mixed into your fuel. In addition to affecting the working accent of the vehicle, this situation is also very dangerous for human health. For this reason, the fuel filter is checked during periodic maintenance and necessary cleaning and changes are made.

Oil Filter Change

Engine oil operates in a circulating system and it is important that this oil remains clean during circulation. This job also provides the engine structure filter. During the periodic maintenance, the engine structure filter is checked and if there is any problem in its operation, it is renewed.

Air Filter Change

One of the vehicle parts that are meticulously checked in periodic maintenance is the air filter. Even the smallest particle entering the combustion chamber of the engine can cause serious problems in the operation of the vehicle. For this reason, the air filter in which the air entering the combustion chamber of the engine is filtered must be checked.

Pollen Filter Change

The pollen filter ensures the correct and clean operation of the air conditioning system. During the periodic maintenance, the pollen filter is also checked and if there is any mishap, it is corrected.

Tire Care

Tires play an important role in providing a balanced and good ride. While performing periodic vehicle maintenance, details such as tire pressures, nitrogen conditions, and wear are checked.

Headlight and Lighting Controls

Lighting is of great importance in preventing accidents. Even the slightest malfunction in the headlight and lighting system can lead to bad results. In order to prevent this, headlights and lighting systems are also controlled.

Exhaust System Check

Problems such as leakage or corrosion in the connection line adversely affect the working accent of the vehicle. In order to prevent such problems, the exhaust system is also checked within the framework of periodic vehicle maintenance.

What to Do in Vehicle Winter Maintenance?

The harsh weather conditions in winter make driving difficult. It is very important to prepare your vehicle for cold, rainy, windy weather and to get out to the traffic ready for winter. If you do not have your vehicle serviced in the winter, you will endanger both your own safety and the safety of other people in traffic. In addition, since the existing problems are not corrected in a timely manner in vehicles without regular winter maintenance, the defective parts may reach the point where they cannot be repaired and it may be necessary to make changes. This means high cost.

In winter maintenance, the following vehicle accents are checked, maintained and changed when necessary:

  • Winter tire change and balancing
  • Engine oil check, oil and filter replacement if necessary
  • Air, pollen, fuel filter checks
  • Headlight and light settings
  • wipers

What is done in Vehicle Heavy Maintenance?

While periodic maintenance is a process for all vehicles at certain periods, heavy maintenance is a much more comprehensive process. Because during heavy maintenance, many important parts are changed. Heavy maintenance is both a long and costly process.

In severe care:

  • Timing belt replacement
  • Checking and replacing brake pads if necessary
  • Clutch check, complete replacement of clutch set if exhausted
  • Suspension system check and replacement in case of deterioration detection
  • Checking the gearbox oil and changing it if it is determined that the oil has lost its properties.
  • If oil leakage is detected, seal, gasket replacement
  • Headlight, wiper etc. control and replacement of parts

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