AFAD to Recruit 7 Disaster and Emergency Management Auditors

AFAD to Recruit an Assistant Specialist with Oral Exam

From the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency of the Ministry of Interior: In accordance with the Provisional Article 5902 of the Law No. 8 on Some Arrangements Regarding the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency, 7 (seven) Disaster and Emergency Management Supervisors will be recruited through the entrance (oral) exam. .

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As of 30.11.2022, when the article of the law came into force, the most, including the periods spent in inspector, auditor, inspector and controller positions as assistants or trainees, by subjecting the profession-specific competition exam in public administrations within the scope of the general budget and special budget, and by being subjected to a proficiency exam after a certain training program. having served at least five years.

1. Candidates can submit their applications to the Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency/Career Gate-Public Recruitment or Career Gate ( on e-Government between 20:2023 on February 10, 00, and 24:2023 on February 17, 00. they will do it electronically via the address.

2. The requests of candidates who do not apply through the Career Gate will not be considered.

3. After the application deadline, no changes will be made to the applicant's application information for any reason whatsoever.

4. The candidate himself will be responsible for making the application process error-free, complete and in accordance with the issues specified in the announcement.

5. After the application process is completed, the candidates should check whether their application has been completed on the "My Applications" screen.

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