ABB's Half Term Events Continue

ABB's Half Term Events Continue
ABB's Half Term Events Continue

📩 30/01/2023 13:54

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) brings together children from Başkent, who have completed the first half of the education period and received report cards, with various activities during the semester break. In the Youth, Child and Family Counseling Center of the Social Services Department, many educational and instructive workshops were held with the participation of 5,6th, 7th and XNUMXth grade students.

In the program where many different activities take place within the scope of the Midterm Student Development Program, children; He had the opportunity to develop and reinforce his skills and creativity by participating in the "Pottery Workshop, Design, Produce Use Workshop, Creative Drama Workshop, Experience Your Emotions, Realize Yourself Workshop, Discovery Workshop with Questions, If It Was Me Workshop".

Stating that their aim is to support the personal, social and emotional development of students, Kübra Höyük, one of the Psychological Counselors of the Youth, Child and Family Counseling Center, gave the following information:

“We came together with our students during the break. We organized a Student Development Program with 5th, 6th and 7th grade students. Our main goal is to support our students' personal, social and emotional development. We organized these activities to enable them to express themselves and develop their skills. At the same time, we aim to enable children to use these skills in daily life in the workshop trainings we organize here.”

Parents were not forgotten in the center, which hosts different workshops, and an Effective Communication Family Seminar was organized in order to strengthen the interaction between parents and children by developing positive parental attitudes.

In order to spend the semester break efficiently and to encourage children to read; For approximately 7 children aged 13-100 who are members of Batıpark Children's Club; A signing day was held with the participation of Metin İpek, the author of the story book “A Hittite Legend Ankuva”.

The children who came to sign books expressed their thoughts as follows:

Zeynep Erva Bayraktar: “I bought this book from the club and read it. Now I have come to get the book signed by the author. I really enjoyed the children's tour of Ankara in the book. This is the first time I am getting a signed book.”

Kamil Yalçınkaya: “I love reading books. I took a look at the book, looks good, I'm excited to read it. I had no more books to read at home, I will read it as soon as I go today. I love history books. I received the book signed by the author today, he was very excited.”

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