Why Do Sudden Deaths Occur?

Why Sudden Deaths Occur
What Causes Sudden Deaths?

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Hospital Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı made an assessment of the sudden deaths that have come to the fore in recent days.

Stating that the most common cause of sudden death is heart attack, Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı said, "Heart attack occurs as a result of blockage of the vessels feeding the heart." prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı said that men are more likely to have heart attacks than women.

Giving information about sudden deaths, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı said, “Sudden cardiac arrest is often seen in sudden deaths. Most of these occur within minutes due to fatal rhythm disturbances such as ventricular tachycardia or ventricular fibrillation.

prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı said, “In addition, cardiac muscle damage due to widespread heart attack within hours, resulting in impaired contraction of the heart muscle and related pump failure, i.e. heart failure, are among the common causes. There are genetic causes, but they are very rare. It does not appear in many people, but any reason that leads to a normal heart attack and heart disease can lead to sudden cardiac arrest.

prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı also mentioned the risk factors in sudden death and listed them as smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, genetic problems from the family, male gender, age and high cholesterol.

Noting that most of the sudden deaths are cardiac related deaths, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı said, “Sudden cardiac death is more common in the elderly, but sudden death can also be seen in young people. Normally, the age group that constitutes the risk factor for sudden death is men 40 and over. Deaths usually occur due to thickening of the heart muscle, rhythm disorders, blunt chest wall damage, and congenital heart diseases. Sudden death is more common in men than women.

prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı said that those with sudden cardiac death in their family, those with frequent coronary artery disease and those with risk factors should undergo regular doctor control and follow the recommendations even when they have no complaints.

Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı stated that using tobacco and tobacco products or being exposed to smoke and obesity are among the risk factors and recommended that people change their lifestyle and eat healthy. Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Mehmet Baltalı said, “It is important to have adequate treatment when sick, but the more valuable thing is to protect our health. In addition to regular doctor control, we recommend participating in early diagnosis and screening programs, maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, staying away from bad habits and eating healthy.

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