What is a shipowner, what does he do, how to become a shipowner?

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What is a Shipowner, What Does He Do, How to Become

Persons engaged in trade via the sea route are called “shipowners”. Shipowners own their own ship or ships and therefore work as an investor or employer, not as an employee. The people who carry out commercial activities with their own ships in the maritime trade, which has the largest share in the trade in the world, are called shipowners. Shipowners; They carry commercial cargo within the country, from one country to another, or between continents. The breadth of a shipowner's business depends on the capacity of his ship, the size of his investment and the relationships he has established.

What Does a Shipowner Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The most important duty of the shipowner is to safely deliver the cargo he carries on his ship to the desired destination. The duties of the shipowner, who must transport the products without any damage, are as follows:

  • To prepare the necessary procedures regarding the cargoes taken on the ship,
  • Collecting information about the cargo carried from the persons or companies from which it is loaded,
  • Obtaining the necessary documents from the persons or companies in question,
  • Avoiding applications that will threaten safety during load transportation,
  • To deliver the cargo delivered to him safely to the desired place,
  • To ensure the necessary coordination with the port operator during the berthing of the ship and the unloading of the cargo,
  • Checking the health status of the personnel with the personnel change on the ship,
  • To meet the ship's needs such as fuel, stores and water,
  • When there is a malfunction on the ship, to fix it and to have it maintained,
  • Providing spare parts to the ship when necessary,
  • To pay the salaries of the ship's personnel on time and to hand over their other rights.

Requirements to Become a Shipowner

To become a shipowner, you must own at least one ship. For this, you can either buy a ship or go to charter.

What Education Is Required To Become A Shipowner?

Being a shipowner means working as a businessman. For this reason, there is no obligation to graduate from a certain university. However, getting training on trade, shipping and maritime can give you an advantage as a shipowner.

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