Women Overtake Men in E-Commerce

Women Overtake Men in E-Commerce
Women Overtake Men in E-Commerce

For the first time, women outperformed men in purchasing goods and services online, according to data from the Ministry of Commerce.

Although shopping seems to be an area of ​​interest for women, all researches and surveys to date have revealed that those who shop from digital stores are predominantly men.

In the first years of e-commerce, which entered the lives of Turkish people in 2007, 80 percent of those who shopped online were men, after which this rate changed every year in favor of women.

In the latest data of the Ministry of Commerce for the first half of 2022, it was seen that 48 percent of e-commerce users were men and 52 percent were women.



For the first time, women outstripping men in e-commerce purchase the most clothing, shoes, bags or jewelry from digital stores. While 10 out of 10 women buy these products online, XNUMX out of XNUMX women order their food online, XNUMX in supermarkets, XNUMX in books, magazines, XNUMX in furniture and home accessories from digital stores.

Women are not yet as brave as men in purchasing expensive products such as computers, tablets, mobile phones and white goods online.

One in 10 women buys expensive electronics online, while men are more than twice as likely to buy them digitally than women.


Sevda Koseibis Digital Marketing Director

Sevda Köseibiş, Digital Marketing Director of Advantageix.com, emphasized that the rate of women's participation in e-commerce has gained an upward momentum with the pandemic and said:

“When shopping malls and stores were closed during the pandemic, many women were introduced to e-commerce for the first time. Even though the pandemic bans ended, women who got used to the advantages and comfort of e-commerce continued to shop online. Women who used to buy what they saw on the internet from the store, now started to buy what they saw in the store from the internet. Instead of bargaining with the seller, he prefers to reach the most affordable price of the product he will buy through price comparison sites. Sites that offer cashback on every purchase, such as Advantageix.com, also make shopping even more convenient. Men are also satisfied with this change in women's shopping habits. In online shopping, both parties can act independently. Women can spend hours in the virtual world of clothing stores and men can spend hours in the virtual world of technology stores without getting bored. They just ask each other for help in the decision-making process. This makes them happy,” he said.

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