What is Plogging, How To Do It, What Is Its Purpose? Does Plogging Make You Lose Weight?

What Is Plogging What Is The Purpose Of Plogging How To Do It Does Plogging Lose Weight?
What Is Plogging What Is The Purpose Of Plogging, How To Do It

Moving is good for individuals both physiologically and psychologically. Outdoor activities are particularly beneficial for mental health. Plogging is among these activities and it is an action that is important not only individually, but also socially and environmentally. Plogging, plocka upp and jogga in Swedish sözcüIt is a word formed from clerics. Plocka means lifting and jogga means jogging. So “what is plogging?” The answer to the question can be given as the continuation of the run or walk by collecting the wastes and garbage in the environment. Considering the physical and environmental benefits of this activity, it turns out that many people's adoption of this movement can play a big role in solving environmental problems. Thanks to plogging, individuals can also clean the environment while moving their bodies. How is plogging done? What is the connection between plogging and environmental health?

What is the Purpose of Plogging?

The plogging movement attracts attention with its environmental nature as well as individuality. It provides a great opportunity for those who want to make their daily sports beneficial to the environment, while reducing the damage to nature by collecting paper, glass and plastic waste. Thanks to its purpose and easy applicability, plogging is a remarkable activity for individuals who like to act, and who consider it their duty to show awareness to the environment.

While keeping the body and spirit vigorous, it ensures environmental cleaning. Thanks to this action, which adds cleanliness to the movement, nature is cleansed by conscious people, and thus the necessary living space is opened for the creatures living in nature.

How to Plogging?

Plogging, as you can see, is an activity that allows two useful actions to be performed together. Individuals who want to take an active role in this activity ask "how to plogging?" They want to know the answer to their question. This activity is one of the activities carried out without being bound by a rule and limitation, so it will be sufficient to pay attention to only some details.

Although an action that benefits nature and the individual is aimed, it would not be right to engage in this work without providing hygiene. In this regard, hygienic conditions should not be ignored. To ensure hygiene, use of latex gloves, masks, disinfectants and garbage bags is required. After the necessary hygienic conditions are met, the individual is considered ready for plogging. In order to be able to move comfortably, flexible fabric and breathable clothes should be preferred. Choosing running shoes instead of a normal shoe provides much more comfortable movement. Individuals can take the items they will need with a sufficiently large bag. By comparison, even a small backpack will do the job and will help the individual carry the items they want to have with them.

Paper, glass and plastic waste collected while plogging should be placed in separate bags. Waste that is decomposed can be thrown into recycling bins much more easily. Within the scope of the activity, many movements such as squatting, bending, walking, running can be done. If it is the first time, it can be started from the immediate environment. In this way, it can be an example for many individuals in the neighborhood and this environmentally and health friendly activity can become an activity that more people will adopt.

In Which Country Did Plogging Originate?

“How did Plogging originate?” and “in which country did plogging originate?” These are questions that continue to seek answers. Plogging is an environmental movement that started in Sweden in 2016. This movement, which started in Sweden, has shown its effect in almost every country and has been taken for granted by environmentally sensitive individuals. The Swedes, who were looking for an effective solution to the increasing environmental pollution, found the solution with the cleaning movement they added to their sports.

What is the Link Between Plogging and Environmental Health?

Environmental pollution is an increasing threat today. Plogging, which emerged through social media and spread in this way, is a trend that has become a trend to reduce environmental pollution; It is a two-way activity that considers environmental health as well as physical health. Many wastes that have been unconsciously left to the nature have reached a level that restricts the freedom of life of both plants and animals. Of course, first of all, individual training should be given on this subject, but it is necessary to start from somewhere to eliminate the damage that has been done to nature until this time. Some reduction of this damage has become possible with the plogging movement. It is a great activity for those who consider both their own health and environmental health as an ideal action for individuals who love their body and nature.

Does Plogging Lose Weight?

Individuals who like to move aim to get the best efficiency from the movements they practice. This brings up the issue of calorie burning. Plogging makes walking and running actions much better. Individuals who have to bend and squat constantly during the collection of wastes on the ground, naturally, have the opportunity to obtain much more efficiency than they get from a normal jog or walk.

This is an unmissable opportunity for individuals who love to do sports and make it an important part of their lives. It is easily possible to gain much more efficiency than a normal sport. A plogging adventure for only half an hour can burn about 300 calories for an individual. Thus, people who take care of their health and weight can both contribute to the cleansing of nature and maintain their form. Since it burns quite a lot of calories, it provides positive support to the weight loss process.

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