What is a welder, what does it do, how to become a welder Welder Salaries 2022

What Is A Welder What Does It Do How To Become Welder Salaries
What is a Welder, What Does He Do, How to Become Welder Salaries 2022

The question of who is the welder can be answered as follows; A welder is a person who cuts electric arc, oxy-acetylene, metal and gas flames in various ways and combines and shapes the parts in the same way and with the same method. It is very important for people who will do this profession to have certain skills. One of these skills; It is the ability of people who will do the job to use their hands and eyes in a coordinated manner. However, the person must concentrate his attention on a certain point and have the ability to make the desired shapes. In addition, the welder first visualizes the work in his mind, draws the visualized design on any paper and embodies the drawing he transfers to the paper. In addition, welders can find the opportunity to work in many different areas. They can work in closed areas such as workshops or factories. However, they also have the opportunity to work in open areas. The working environments of people working in this profession are both dirty and noisy. There is a welding machine and a cutting lamp in their working environment. Gas and light from the cutting lamp and welding machine can irritate both the eyes and the skin. That's why you have to be very careful. The gases used during the welding process are explosive and flammable gases. Therefore, the person must be very careful during the welding process. In addition, they should use welder's goggles while working by following the occupational safety rules.

What does a welder do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

The subject of what a welder does is very important especially for people who want to do this profession. The welder has certain duties and responsibilities. The experience, skills and abilities of the person doing this profession vary according to the sector he works in. Persons engaged in this profession fulfill their duties as qualified and unskilled welders. Unskilled welders are people who work on assembly lines and perform repetitive welding activities. Especially during the construction of equipment, they do spot welding to join body panels such as trucks or cars, and they can use robots for this. Unskilled welders have more limited knowledge of welding. Their knowledge of what kind of metal should be used to create a stable or strong weld, the properties of the metal, or gases and wires is more limited. Qualified professionals are those who know very well many metal types and welding properties. Qualified welders progress in their profession as journeymen and masters after apprenticeship. However, qualified welders are those who obtain their certificates through training. They learn and develop advanced welding techniques. Skilled welders are capable of hand welding for welding components and may use robots. Robots are often used in the factory. Construction welders who join steel beams in buildings for skyscrapers, tall buildings and metal-utilizing buildings are qualified workers. However, welders can also work in the auto racing team. They can repair the chassis of the damaged car. There are also skilled welders trained in aviation applications. However, many welding methods are used in this profession depending on the projects. In the arc welding method, workers weld by machine or by hand. People in this profession use the gases and oxygen necessary to both conduct and combine metal parts. They can easily perform many operations such as shielded metal arc welding, resistance welding, submerged arc welding, modern laser beam sources. However, the welding process differs according to the metal type. Some metals require special welding methods due to their nature. They choose the materials and metals that are suitable for the work they will do. While doing the welding work, they shape some metal work given to them. Welder responsibilities include:

  •  Correcting deformities on the metals given to them
  •  Determining and organizing the materials and tools in the working environment
  •  To give the desired shape on metals
  • To be able to bend bending operations on metals
  • Cutting and joining metal types and iron in desired shapes and sizes
  • Do the riveting
  • Using the drill for drilling operations
  • Using oxy gas and welding

 What Education Is Required to Become a Welder?

In order to perform this profession, it is sufficient for the individual to have completed primary education. People who want to grow in this field and improve themselves can get a certificate by attending both official and private vocational courses. These courses offer both mastery and journeyman training. Many certified vocational training programs are organized for the welder or journeyman. Persons who have completed their primary education are entitled to become a welder or journeyman if they are successful in the courses by participating in these certificate programs. In addition to this, trainings are given in the field of welding in the metal works departments of vocational high schools. Apart from vocational high schools, there are Welding and Welding Technology departments in vocational schools of universities. A welder who wants to become a master must successfully complete both journeyman and apprenticeship stages.

What are the Requirements to Become a Welder?

What to do to become a welder is an important issue for many who want to become a welder. In order to practice this profession, it is necessary to attend relevant training programs and successfully complete these programs. Successful candidates are awarded a Welder Certificate. In these certificate programs; Geometric solids, basic computer knowledge training, welding, using drill machines, cutting and joining metals, bending and bending of metals, soldering, riveting, forming, profile and pipe welding processes, various metal processes with oxy-gas are given. . In addition, training can be taken in the Welding and Welding Technology departments of universities. In this section, certain courses such as measurement and control technique, mathematical welding technology, code construction technique, welding and machine knowledge, strength, technical drawing and occupational health and safety are given. Trainings are also given in vocational training centers. The field of education is metal technology. In addition to this, education in the field of metal technology is also given in vocational and technical secondary education institutions.

Welder Salaries 2022

As welders progress in their careers, the positions they work and the average salaries they receive are the lowest 7.900 TL, the average 9.880 TL, the highest 24.380 TL.

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