SNCF to Test 'Flexy' Road-Rail Vehicle in France Next Year

Flexy Rail Vehicle
Flexy Railroad Vehicle

“Flexy”, one of SNCF's projects, is a small battery-powered rail vehicle designed by French Milla, capable of transporting up to 14 people between 60 and 10 kilometers at a speed of 30km/h. With a weight of 3,5 tons, it falls into the category of "very light trains" and can run automatically even if there is always a "driver" in it for safety reasons.

It has the ability to work on the vehicle (especially where small rails are covered) as well as on unused railway lines thanks to an ingenious hybrid wheel system (road/rail) developed by Michelin (hence the circle is sealed with Micheline) .

Flexy Rail Vehicle

This is again specifically to respond to the last mile issue where the station is away from home. “The idea is to bring people from rural areas to train stations in the form of shuttles”.

Flexy Rail Vehicle

“The schedule for this project is accelerating,” says David Borot, director of innovation and new mobility at SNCF. “A pilot or even two tests will be conducted in Brittany in 2023/2024. This will include validating the operation and behavior of the hybrid rail vehicle on an automobile base, road/road crossings and even frequently transiting devices.”

Flexy Rail Vehicle

“In 2024, we will go to another region and demo the complete system with a prototype close to the final equipment. The aim is to quickly obtain the necessary approvals and authorizations. To take the desired path.” Market in 2026,” continues the manager.

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