Mercedes-Benz Turkish Support for Bathonea Ancient City Excavations


Supporting the Bathonea Ancient City excavations carried out by the TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Kocaeli University upon the decision of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Mercedes-Benz Türk has added a new one to its social benefit programs.
Excavations initiated in 2009 in order to contribute to the ancient history of Istanbul, provide the emergence of many new information within the historical periods of the city.

Mercedes-Benz Türk Chief Executive Officer Süer Sülün said, “The Ancient City of Bathonea, which contributes to filling the gaps in the prehistoric chronology of Istanbul, is an important world heritage site. We are excited to support the transfer of this legacy to future generations.”

Adding a new one to the social benefit programs it carries out as a supporter of the Bathonea Ancient City excavations, Mercedes-Benz Türk plays an important role in uncovering and preserving the historical and archaeological heritage of Istanbul.

Mercedes-Benz Turk Chief Executive Officer Süer Sülün said: “We are very happy to walk side by side with our stakeholders who shape the future of our country, preserve their rich heritage and increase our common wealth by passing it on to future generations. As Mercedes-Benz Türk, the steps we have taken to reveal and protect our cultural heritage date back to before today. Archaeological excavations in the Ancient City of Troy, which was one of the meeting points of civilizations for thousands of years and is now on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage List, resumed in 50, after a 1988-year hiatus, with our support. We continued our support for the excavations for 1988 years, from 2003 to 15. The Ancient City of Bathonea, on the other hand, is a world heritage that will shed light on Istanbul's thousands of years of history. Our city, which has hosted many civilizations with its unique location, has a rich heritage waiting to be discovered underground, beyond what we see above ground. We are excited to support the transfer of this legacy to future generations.”

Head of the Bathonea Ancient City Excavation Prof. Dr. Şengül Aydıngün, on the other hand, said, “Archaeological excavations have an information production process that has not reached an industrial dimension despite all the developing technologies. In short, the main production parameter is people, not machines. The more qualified and the more people can participate in production, the greater and more eye-catching the results will be. Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Turk, we were very lucky this year. We would like to thank the Mercedes-Benz Türk family for providing us with this chance and enabling us to reach where we are today, and we wish this beautiful cooperation to continue for many years.”

New information about the history of Istanbul emerges in the excavations of the Ancient City of Bathonea

The early Hittite traces found in the excavations of the Ancient City of Bathonea, where many unknown important structures of Istanbul and issues waiting to be enlightened, are brought to light, are described as the biggest discovery in the studies. With this discovery in the excavations, Hittite traces were found for the first time on the European continent.