Kayseri Metropolitan Turns Gazelles Collected into Fertilizer

Kayseri Büyükşehir Converts Gazelles It Collects To Fertilizer
Kayseri Metropolitan Turns Gazelles Collected into Fertilizer

Environmentally friendly Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality collects the ghazals spilled due to seasonal conditions, transforms them into fertilizer in the Solid Waste Compost Facilities and brings them back to nature.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. Under the chairmanship of Memduh Büyükkılıç, it carries out very important 'environmentally friendly' works that will contribute greatly to the zero waste culture and set an example for Turkey.

Periodic cleaning works continue without interruption within the scope of 2022 autumn season works by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Parks, Gardens and Afforestation, Green Areas Project and Implementation Branch Office.

Metropolitan teams are cleaning the leaves that fall with the fall in the city center. Teams cleaning the main arteries with air spraying machines and vacuum cleaners on a total of 913 thousand 246 square meters of median and pedestrian roads, Mustafa Kemal Pasa Boulevard, Erciyes Boulevard, Sivas Boulevard, 30 August Boulevard, Erkilet Boulevard, Nalçik Boulevard, Malazgirt Boulevard, Kadir Has Boulevard, Osman Kavuncu Boulevard, Bekir Yıldız Boulevard, Şehit Miralay Nazım Bey Boulevard, Bağdat Street, Kaldirim Street, Niyazi Bahçecioğlu Street, Tuna Street, Commando Street, Ihlamur Street, Turgut Reis Street, Ayancık Street and Tacettin Veli Street where there are big trees and on the rail system line. It carries out general zone cleaning and collection of fallen leaves on the routes of OSB, İldem and Talas lines, with a total length of 36 kilometers.


The Metropolitan Municipality transforms the collected plant wastes into fertilizer at the Solid Waste Compost Facilities of the Climate Change and Zero Waste Department.

The manure to be obtained is used as compost fertilizer in the parks and gardens of the municipality and is recycled to the nature.

The environment-friendly Metropolitan Municipality, with these works, makes an effort and care to serve for a modern and contemporary urbanism understanding.

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