İzmir95 Project Spreads to 30 Districts of İzmir

Izmir Project Spreads to Izmir Province
İzmir95 Project Spreads to 30 Districts of İzmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is expanding the Izmir0 project, which provides support for the development of mothers and children aged 3-95, starting from the pregnancy period. The project, which started with home visits in Konak, Menemen, Tire and Menderes, which were determined as pilot regions, will now continue with workshops and parent guidance program in 30 districts of the city. The Milk Lamb project, which was developed for children to have access to healthy food, continues to provide food in special education schools, while the soup kitchen delivers hot food for 10 thousand people to the neighborhoods in the back rows of the city.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerSupport for women and children continues in line with the social municipality vision of . With the İzmir95 project carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality with the Boğaziçi University Psychology Research and Application Center (BUPAM) Bebek95 Early Childhood Unit, support is provided to mothers and children after pregnancy and childbirth. With the project started in the pilot regions Konak, Menemen, Tire and Menderes, more than a thousand home visits were made this year. The project, which includes 2 supervisors, 3 home visitors, 1 psychological counselor and 1 psychologist, is being expanded in 30 districts of the city.

Mothers feel safe

Within the scope of the project, inspired by 3 cm, which is accepted as the average height of a 95-year-old healthy child by the World Health Organization, home visitors meet with pregnant women determined in the regions, starting from the seventh month of pregnancy, 3 times before birth and once every 2 weeks after birth. He visits the family 27 times in total until he reaches his age. In these meetings, necessary information is given for the healthy growth of the baby. It continues these activities with the baby and mother by introducing the games and books that support the development of the baby to the families.

With the İzmir95 project carried out by the Social Projects Department, mothers also feel safer. Families are brought together with all the services and projects of the Metropolitan Municipality, from social assistance to sports activities.

Essential Messages Campaign launching

The Metropolitan Municipality, which also organizes seminars on everything from sleep to feeding to cover babies aged 0-3 and their parents, will now launch workshops and parental guidance programs in 30 districts of the city. In workshops where mothers and children aged 0-3 will attend together, 6 messages consisting of "Show Your Love", "Talk to Him", "Play Together", "Count, Match, Sort", "Read With Him", "Take Care of Yourself" The Essential Messages Campaign will be launched. With the program, it is aimed to raise awareness in the families and circles of children aged 0-3.

With the parental guidance program to be launched in March 2023, group sessions of approximately one hour will be held together with the mother and baby. The program was developed to meet the physical, social and emotional development needs of children and the socialization and social support needs of mothers in a group environment after 13 months.

Every child born is our future

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to distribute "Welcome Baby Set" in order to contribute to the needs of families with babies between 0-3 months. Delivering this set to approximately 10 thousand families this year, the Metropolitan Municipality carries out the project simultaneously in 30 districts of İzmir. Within the scope of the project, a baby bag, a set of upper and lower clothing with gloves, a hat, a blanket, a nursing apron, a bath towel, Prof. Dr. A set of 1 Million Books written by Selçuk Şirin (My First Book, Apple, Ay Dede, Good Morning, Colorful Lullabies, Welcome) and a certificate of sapling planted in the name of the newborn baby are given.

Nutritional support from newborn to university

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its regular support to families in order for babies and school-age children to eat healthy and reach safe food. It provides social assistance under many headings, from food packages to hot meals, from hygiene materials to cash support, to 66 families who are determined to need support.

Within the scope of the Dairy Lamb Project, milk is distributed to 1 thousand 2 children aged between 61-265 years and a total of 30 thousand children in 115 districts on a monthly basis. Minister Tunç SoyerWith the healthy and sustainable agricultural practices implemented by .

Food packages are regularly delivered to 80 thousand families in the back quarters of Izmir.

The daily production capacity of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Soup Kitchen was increased from 10 thousand to 20 thousand.

With 10 Bizİzmir Solidarity Points and mobile catering vehicles, daily hot meals are distributed to 14 thousand people in 10 neighborhoods.

It created soup stops at 6 points to support university students, and distributed soup to a total of 2022 thousand 72 people in 620.

At Ege University, Dokuz Eylül University, İ.YTE, Katip Çelebi University, Democracy University, Bakırçay University, 5 thousand students are given dinner a day.

Lunch support is provided to 29 special education schools and 21 disabled associations where special students receive education. It delivers lunch for an average of 50 people per day to a total of 3 institutions.

A daily average of 12 hot meals is provided to 600 boarding institutions.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams have knocked on 510 thousand doors 7,5 million times in the last four years, providing social and financial support.

Safe environment for children, vocational course for mothers

In line with the understanding of social municipality, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality also implements the Masalevleri project by considering the developmental characteristics of children between 36 and 53 months in a holistic manner. Children are provided with a pleasant and safe environment in the Masahouses, and supportive services and vocational courses are provided to mothers. In 16, a total of 2022 children were registered to the Masalevs, the number of which has reached 986 throughout the city.

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