Historical and Touristic Travel by ABB to University Students

Historical and Touristic Travel from ABB to University Students
Historical and Touristic Travel by ABB to University Students

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality brought the university students of Başkent, hosted in Temporary Accommodation Centers, together with the cultural and natural beauties of Beypazarı and Çayırhan. University students both explored Ankara closely, tasted local foods and took lots of souvenir photos.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which sets an example for the whole of Turkey with its student-friendly practices, continues to bring university students studying in the capital together with social activities.

University students hosted in the Temporary Accommodation Center serving under the Social Services Department came together on a trip to Beypazarı and Çayırhan. Students visiting Beypazarı Historical Bazaar, City History Museum and Çayırhan Lake discovered the historical, natural and social areas of the city. Having the opportunity to spend time with each other and socialize with each other throughout the day, the students took lots of souvenir photos and tasted traditional and local foods.

Stating that their aim is for university students who come to Ankara to get to know the capital city closely, the Director of Kurtuluş Temporary Accommodation Center Zeynep Deniz said, “We do not want our children to go to school only here. We want them to travel and get to know our Ankara, and have a command of its culture. Because everyone who comes to the question 'There is no sea in Ankara, what are we going to do here?' says. Ankara is a place that can be loved even without the sea, we are trying to promote it. Today we visited Beypazarı, we came to Çayırhan Lake to create the feeling that we have the sea. We also do breakfast, cinema, theatre, excursions and concerts. In this way, we try to establish a family atmosphere with our students. Because they live far from their families. Since we know what it means to live away from family, we try to fill the material and moral gaps that our students experience.


Students who prefer Ankara to study at university said that ABB supports not only accommodation but also moral issues and gave the message “University is read in Ankara”.

Stating that they felt at home in Ankara, the students thanked ABB with the following words:

Fatma Arslan: “I came to Ankara from Mardin to study. If Mansur had not been our President, maybe I would not have liked Ankara so much. I thank him very much on behalf of both himself and my friends. They not only provide accommodation, but also provide us with all moral support. Our president also comes to visit us, not everyone does that.”

Umran Akgedik: “I come from Malatya. We could not settle because our applications were in reserve. Thanks to our Mayor Mansur, we found the opportunity to stay in the dormitories opened by our Municipality. At the same time, social activities are organized for us in our spare time from our lessons and we participate in them. We are very pleased and happy with this situation, thank you very much.”

Menşure Sherboyeva: “I am a citizen of Uzbekistan and I graduated from university in Ankara. When I came here, I didn't have a dormitory and I didn't have a place to stay. I am currently staying in the municipality dormitories. They take them to theaters and concerts with shuttles, and they don't charge anything. I am very satisfied, thank you very much. I think Ankara is a student city…”

Semiha Lake: “I came from Istanbul. I stay free of charge where our municipality offers us accommodation. At first we thought that Ankara is not a beautiful city, it has no sea, but as we travel, see and learn, we become happy. I recommend everyone to read here. We love and we are happy as students. I learned and understood better this year that it will be read in this city, I hope the rest will be here.

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