Aybasti Thursday Plateau Regained a Modern Appearance

Aybasti Persembe Plateau Regains a Modern Appearance
Aybasti Thursday Plateau Regained a Modern Appearance

Aybastı Persembe Plateau, one of Ordu's favorite tourism centers and famous for its meanders, has gained a modern look with the work of the Metropolitan Municipality. While the landscaping and lighting works carried out by the lake on the plateau presented a visual feast, they also added beauty to the beauty of the plateau.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler prepares the city for the future with the works he started in the field of tourism. Mayor Güler, who attaches great importance to highland tourism as in every field, undertakes projects and investments in order to animate the highlands for 4 seasons. The plateaus, which become lively with the festivals held in summer and winter months, gain a new identity with the projects prepared.


In this direction, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has started work in the Aybastı Persembe Plateau, which is famous for its meanders, in recent months, has brought a modern look between the plateau center and the Danişmentliler Martyrs' Cemetery. In the project, which was implemented by the lake in the plateau, many studies were carried out from pedestrian path to landscaping, from park furniture and camellias to landscaping. Finally, the Metropolitan Municipality completed the lighting works it carried out and turned on the lights in the area. With the lights on, the Thursday Plateau impressed itself with its night view.

With the work that adds a modern look and a new movement to the plateau, it is expected that the plateau will become active at night as well as during the day.

Günceleme: 05/12/2022 14:16

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