Winter Preparations Made in the Vineyard in Keçiören Bağlum

Winter Preparations Made in Kecioren Vineyard
Winter Preparations Made in the Vineyard in Keçiören Bağlum

Winter preparations were made in the vineyard established by Keçiören Municipality on an area of ​​23 decares in Bağlum. With the work carried out by the gardeners in the company of agricultural engineers within the municipality, fertilizer and soil removal were carried out for the healthy development of grape seedlings. Agricultural engineers, who checked the seedlings one by one, stated that they did not encounter any negative effects on the plants.

Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok, who said that they grow grapes selected in accordance with the climatic conditions of Ankara in this vineyard, said, “We carry out our routine controls that will accelerate the development process of our grapes. We take care of each grape one by one and closely follow the development process. We will share our vineyard, which will start to bear fruit next year, with our citizens, and we will ensure that they consume delicious grapes. Our main goal is to promote agricultural production in every field. In particular, we are making great efforts to develop the ancestral seed and pass it on to future generations.” said.

In the vineyard of Keçiören Municipality, 5 types of grapes are grown, from Hasan Dede, Hatun Finger, Alphonse, Klevli and Çavuş. It is expected to be harvested next year from the vineyard where there are close to 3 grapes.

Günceleme: 06/12/2022 10:11

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