Pregnant Women Should Be Considered In Winter

Things to be Considered by Kis Pregnants
Winter Pregnants Need to Consider

Gynecology, Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. Gökalp Öner warned pregnant women and expectant mothers who are in the process of IVF treatment about the increasing upper respiratory tract epidemics.

prof. Dr. Gökalp Öner explained the ways to protect expectant mothers from upper respiratory tract infections.

Öner said, “Pregnant women can be protected from upper respiratory tract infections by wearing their masks, especially when using public transportation and in crowded areas. They can drink at least one glass of orange juice or tea with lemon a day. Vitamin C is important because it strengthens the immune system. Apart from that, vitamin D values ​​should be checked. Vitamin D deficiencies especially lower the immune system. At least 10 drops of vitamin D should be taken daily. When they see the sun, they must go out to the sun, but we are in the winter season, the weather is changing. They should not go out with thin clothes when they see the sun because it is really cold. Let them wear thick clothes. Also, drink plenty of fluids. Especially when their body is dehydrated, the immune system unfortunately drops. " said.

prof. Dr. Gökalp Öner talked about what to do to pregnant women who get infected as follows:

“When pregnant women get a respiratory infection, the most important and dangerous thing is to have a fever. A pregnant woman's fever means that her baby will be adversely affected. It increases the chances of premature birth and miscarriage. Therefore, if there is a fever, it should be reduced to the antipyretic that can be used during pregnancy. The second important issue is that if antibiotics are needed, which must be decided by the doctor, drugs should be used regularly. It can be extremely inconvenient for pregnant women to use antibiotics according to their own minds. Herbal tea is strongly discouraged; There are only 2 herbal teas that can be used; linden and ginger. Plants other than this should definitely not be used because other used plants can sometimes cause miscarriages and premature births. ”

prof. Dr. Öner explained the points to be considered:

“They should definitely apply to their doctor and not use any antibiotics, antipyretics or herbal teas other than what their doctor says. Of course, they can use antibiotics, throat lozenges, vitamin supplements recommended by doctors. They should not do any treatment according to their own head. That includes herbal tea.”

Emphasizing that attention should be paid to those in IVF treatment, Öner concluded his statement with the following statements:

“We can delay the treatment process of our patients who have flu during the IVF treatment process, especially during the transfer phase. In patients with high fever, the baby's holding rate decreases because the uterus is contracting. Therefore, antipyretic drugs should be used under the advice of a doctor during the period of fever. No negative effects of influenza on egg quality or sperm quality have been demonstrated. Only the important and dangerous here; fever and this flu infection reaches the lungs. If there is an infection that spreads to the lungs, it is recommended to start in vitro fertilization treatment after the treatment is done first and after the antibiotic treatments are finished. In terms of nutrition, especially in my book 'You Can Get Pregnant with These Recipes', there are foods containing walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, vitamin C to increase the immune system. “

Günceleme: 02/12/2022 15:39

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