Turgut Özal Bridge Doubling and Road Construction Works at 70 Percent Level

Cayirova Turgut Özalda Progress Percentage
Progress 70 Percent in Çayırova Turgut Özal

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has built bridges, roads and intersections to ensure smooth, modern and comfortable traffic flow throughout Kocaeli, is proceeding at full speed in the sister bridge project that will take the burden of Çayırova Turgut Özal Bridge. Aiming to ease the traffic in the region by constructing a second bridge next to the existing one-lane round-trip bridge in its current state, the Metropolitan has reached the level of 70 percent in the "Turgut Özal Bridge Replication and Road Construction" business.


The teams, which had already laid the 65 tons of wear layer asphalt of the 75-meter-long sister bridge that it had built, finally produced auto guardrails on the additional bridge. Pedestrian guardrails and antivandalism fence systems will be manufactured on the sister bridge in the coming days. The teams will also carry out renovation work on the existing bridge. In this context, the Metropolitan, which will remove the old asphalt by excavating the trimer, will then lay the wearing layer asphalt on the ground.


There is also a feverish work on the avenues and streets connected to the bridges in the project. Having completed the rain water, drinking water and sewer line works, the teams also carry out other productions such as parquet and borders in line with the planned schedule. The teams, which perform the 240-meter binder and 1-meter bitumen base asphalt paving on the 400-meter-long A800 side of Turgut Özal Street, carry out excavation work in the last 400 meters. Work continues at the same pace on the 300-meter A2 side of Turgut Özal Street.


When the project is completed, the road separating the Istanbul-Kocaeli provincial border on Turgut Özal Caddesi will be crossed over the highway with a new additional bridge and reconnected to Turgut Özal Caddesi. Thus, the industrial areas in the east-west region of the TEM connection road and the local people and vehicle drivers will have comfortable and safer transportation.

Günceleme: 08/12/2022 16:18

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