The Theater Play About Behiç Erkin's Life Was Staged at Eskişehir Train Station

Theater Play About Behic Erki's Life Was Staged at Eskisehir Train Station
The Theater Play About Behiç Erkin's Life Was Staged at Eskişehir Train Station

Anadolu University (AU) State Conservatory Research Assistant Esen Poyraz's theater play "Son Station Eskişehir", adapted, directed and played within the scope of Proficiency in Art work, was staged at Eskişehir Train Station.

Supported by the AU Scientific Research Projects Commission and the project director, Prof. Theater lovers showed interest in the play, which was staged at Eskişehir Train Station within the scope of the project titled “An Example of a Space-Specific Stage Model on Space, Time and Human: Behiç Bey” made by Erol İpekli and Esen Poyraz as a researcher.

The subject of the game

Eskişehir train station has an important place in Eskişehir's individual and social memory. The transformation of Eskişehir, a traditional Ottoman city, into a modern city started with the arrival of the railway on 19 June 1892. The city came to the fore in the 19th century as an important junction point connecting the Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir railway lines.

Due to this strategic importance, Eskişehir witnessed both the British occupation, the Greek occupation and the War of Independence in the 1919 years between 1922-3. The main reason why the period of national struggle was so active in Eskişehir is that the train station is located in the city. When Eskişehir, national struggle and railways are mentioned, first of all, Behiç Erkin should be mentioned. Atatürk's comrade in arms, Behiç Erkin, is a national struggle hero who made important contributions to the victory of Çanakkale and the War of Independence.

However, Erkin, who was the founder and first general manager of the Turkish Republic State Railways (1920-1926), is known as the "Father of Railways". The mausoleum of Behiç Erkin, who was buried in Eskişehir after his death, is in Enveriye, which is also within the borders of the station.

On the 100th anniversary of Eskişehir's liberation; The period of the national struggle, the life of Behiç Erkin and the establishment story of the Turkish iron voyage under his leadership are told. In this way, new generations have the opportunity to get to know both the events that took place in Eskişehir during the period of the national struggle and the 61st anniversary of Behiç Erkin's death.

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