Stationery Materials of Village Children in Pain From Riot Police

Stationery Supplies of Painful Village Children from the Riot Police
Stationery Materials of Village Children in Pain From Riot Police

Lütfi Yiğit, who works in the Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports and has delivered aid to students in many village schools with the support of philanthropists, started collecting aid as the weather got colder.

The aid campaign initiated by Yiğit for the children in the Aşağı Dörmeli and Sabuncu villages of the city center was supported by the riot police working in the city and many philanthropists.

The police, who visited the two villages and gave the children notebooks, pens, books and school bags as gifts, dressed the students in winter boots, coats and clothes sent by philanthropists.

Pocket Money Also Distributed to Children in Envelopes

Pupils who were served fresh cake, pizza, banana and fruit juice were also given school money in envelopes.

Men and women hairdressers who voluntarily supported the aid campaign also shaved children's hair.

Police officer Edanur Atacan said that they had a good day with the children in the villages.

Expressing that the children were very happy with the gifts, Atacan said:

“We bought stationery with the support of our friends in our Riot Department. We brought books, pens, school bags and ornaments that the children would like. We visited the village schools and gave these gifts to the students. They were also very happy. Their innocent love was evident on their faces. Their happiness reflected on their faces. In this way, we will continue to make them happy. This is the first time I have participated in such an event. I liked it too. From now on, I will participate in such studies. It was very nice to see their happiness and to experience their joy. The children were surprised and delighted to see us in uniform.”

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