Rooting Operation was Carried out in Sakarya and Kocaeli

Smell Drying Operation was Carried out in Sakarya and Kocaeli
Rooting Operation was Carried out in Sakarya and Kocaeli

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu made statements about the Operation to Root Out in Sakarya and Kocaeli.

Minister Soylu, at the press conference held at the Kocaeli Police Department, stated that they have carried out 20 operations so far, and that they have carried out the 21st and 22nd operations in Sakarya and Kocaeli.

Minister Soylu shared the information that an arrest warrant was issued for 307 suspects for the crime of "drug trafficking" in the "Operation to Root Out", and that 269 of these suspects were caught.

“Turkey Is Not Surrendered To Drugs Like Europe”

Stating that this operation was carried out after 3 months of follow-up, Minister Soylu said: “In the operation that took place, especially the arrest of 111 suspects, 196 in Kocaeli and 307 in Sakarya, for drug trafficking, approximately 2 of our friends, our heroic police, and also 2 of our friends in 67 provinces. sea ​​port boat, 3 helicopters, 2 mini UAVs, 11 narcotic detector dogs took place simultaneously with the participation. The purpose of these operations is to completely collapse the drug sales mechanisms. Europe has given up on the fight against drugs. Drug use has been liberalized in almost all countries. By applying a self-controlled mechanism, they cause an increase in the supply of drugs. Turkey has not surrendered like Europe. Before 29 July, one-fourth of the amount seized in drugs was seized in the East, now three-fourths are seized there, that is, before they are shipped to the West. It is a demonstration of how we step onto the field.”

“15 Tons of Methamphetamine Seized So Far”

Minister Soylu, who stated that the route of drugs has changed with the field pressure and struggle put forth by Turkey, continued his speech as follows: “We have been carrying out serious work to prevent the prevalence of methamphetamine for approximately 2,5-3 years. Let me tell you the number as of this year. We've caught 15 tons of methamphetamine so far. Turkey is making a very serious effort. For example, the amount of heroin seized last year was around 22 tons, this year it is around 8,5-9 tons. Because the route has changed. In addition, drug-related deaths decreased by 71 percent. As of this figure, we are going down. I must say that there is a very serious struggle here as well. Turkey demonstrates the total fight against drugs. Turkey does not provide a surrender like the surrender of Europe. Turkey exhibits an exemplary work to the world in terms of information and training activities, rehabilitation and struggle with supply. In return, the number of people involved in salesmanship for the first time after many years has decreased in the last two years.”

“Turkey Continues By Putting All Its Possibilities In Its Hands”

Minister Soylu continued his speech with the following words: “We will continue our field pressure. We will continue our struggle until it is eradicated. We use all our technologies. Previously, we were supporting the unmanned aerial vehicle operations of our Coast Guard with the gendarmerie. Now, our Coast Guard has the ability to do both the migrant struggle and other law enforcement services above the coast guard, together with Bayraktars, with its own drones in the Aegean. Turkey continues by putting forth all its possibilities.”

“Turkey Has Cut Off One Of The Most Important Financial Legs Of The PKK”

Emphasizing that a very important financial pillar of the terrorist organization PKK has been eliminated, Minister Soylu said: “So far this year, 101 million root cannabis plants have been caught, and 9 million skunk plants have been caught. This means that 110 million root cannabis would be transferred directly to the PKK for the financing of terrorism. His relentless struggle in the field on this issue cut off and eliminated one of the most important financial pillars of the PKK in Turkey. Drugs, terrorism and migrant smuggling. All three of them are complementary to each other. When we fight all of these, we will have led our country to peace. Europe and the world reveal Turkey's struggle in their own reports. There will always be those who try to accuse their own state of being a narcostate. We will mind our business.”

Günceleme: 05/12/2022 13:32

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