The Foundation of Altındağ Disabled Life Center Was Laid

The Foundation of Altindag Center for Barrier-Free Life was Laid
The Foundation of Altındağ Disabled Life Center Was Laid

Our Minister of Family and Social Services, Derya Yanık, stated that Altındağ Municipality Disabled Life Center, whose foundation was laid, will be completed in approximately 6, 7 months, and said, “It includes a game, sleep and activity room, emotional relaxation garden, physiotherapy room, library, audio reading room, workshops, sports. Our center, which includes many other activity areas such as a dining hall and a dining hall, will have modern equipment to meet the needs of our disabled citizens.

In his speech at the Altındağ Municipality Barrier-Free Life Center Groundbreaking Ceremony, Minister Yanık said that the groundbreaking ceremony, which revealed the strong cooperation of the ministry and local governments, pointed out how important it is to work together to overcome obstacles.

Stating that Turkey has become an exemplary country to the world with the visionary policies it has developed in the field of social services in the last 20 years, Minister Yanık, with the National Action Plan for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, announced 3 days ago on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, aimed to ensure the full, effective and natural participation of the disabled in social life. He said that another big step in the right direction has been taken.

Emphasizing that their aim is to protect the rights of people with disabilities in every field from education to health, from employment to accessible environment, from economy to care and rehabilitation services, Minister Yanık underlined that they aim to create a more livable world for everyone with all their efforts.

Pointing out that educational, social, cultural and sportive activities that increase participation in social life are carried out in the centers for the disabled, Minister Yanık continued his words as follows:

“With this service model, we aim for disabled people to become self-confident, productive and independent individuals. Altındağ Disabled Life Center, the foundation of which we laid here today with our esteemed mayor, will hopefully be brought to the service of our disabled citizens in the region in a very short time. In the center, which will be completed in approximately 6, 7 months, we will present a rehabilitation center of 3 thousand 450 square meters to Altındağ, one of the largest districts of Ankara. Our center, which includes many activity areas such as a game, sleeping and activity room, emotional relaxation garden, physiotherapy room, library, reading room, workshops, gym, dining hall, will have modern equipment to meet the needs of our disabled citizens. When this project, the foundation of which we have laid today, is completed, I hope life will become a little easier for our disabled citizens living in Altındağ and their families, and they will discover and experience a different side of life.”

Minister Yanık emphasized that these centers will provide the opportunity for people who dedicate their lives to their relatives with disabilities to fulfill the other activities of daily life without being blindfolded.

Pointing out that the Ministry is constantly updating its services by taking into account the needs, Yanık said, “Our families need a reliable center where they can leave their disabled relatives, whom they care for from time to time for travel, Umrah, health or various reasons, even for a short time. As the Ministry, we host the disabled in our institutions free of charge for 30 days in a year in order to meet this need. We offer our families the opportunity to leave their relatives in our institutions without being blindfolded in cases such as weddings, funerals, and compulsory travel. We provide continuous residential care services to nearly 408 thousand people with disabilities in 34 care centers across the country.” he said.

Reminding that they started home care assistance for the disabled in 2006, Minister Yanık stated that 562 thousand 365 people benefited from the help they provided to those who care for their disabled relatives at home.

Stating that they continue to fulfill all the requirements of the social state principle in all kinds of titles, Minister Yanık continued as follows:

“When we came to power in 2002, while 2 thousand 600 disabled people were waiting in line for institutional care, there is not a single disabled citizen waiting in line for care, alhamdulillah. We have also prepared our Active Living Center Regulation for Disabled Individuals in order to increase cooperation in providing services to disabled people in the closest points, by public and private institutions and organizations. Hopefully, with this regulation that we will publish soon, our cooperation with our ministry and relevant stakeholders will increase, efficiency will be strengthened, and both quality and quantity will increase in service to the disabled. This is the vision that our President has drawn for us, not to leave anyone behind. As a ministry, we are working tirelessly for this. We see these services as a requirement of the positive approach guaranteed by the Constitution. We see it as handing over the rights to their owners. By reducing the disadvantages of being disabled, we have set it as our main goal to use the potential of our disabled citizens in the development of our country.”

After the speeches, Minister Yanık, by pressing the button with Altındağ Mayor Asım Balcı and the members of the protocol, laid the foundation of Altındağ Municipality Barrier-Free Life Center.

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