Student Subscription in Mersin is now 1 TL on all lines

Student Subscription in Mersin Now TL on All Lines
Student Subscription in Mersin is now 1 TL on all lines

A new project has been added to the beautiful projects implemented by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer for all students studying in Mersin. Upon the initiatives of President Seçer, students who travel for 3 TL in multi-scheduled public transport will now be able to travel for 1 TL with a subscription card for short-distance journeys as a result of the regulation.

Ünal: “Student subscription has been used nearly 2 million times”

Providing information about the application, Ünsal Ünal, the Electronic Fare Collection System Officer of the Transportation Department, Public Transport Directorate, said that although the subscription application is a very new system, approximately 2 million users have been used so far. Stating that until recently, the application was only valid for domestic lines, Ünal said that with the regulation, students using multi-scheduled lines and paying 3 TL will now travel for 1 TL on their short-distance journeys.

“Now, every student using a subscription card will pay 1 TL”

Stating that with this new application, the use of student card subscription has been activated not only in the city lines, but also in all public transportation vehicles throughout the province serving under Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, Ünal said, able to do boarding. In summary, all students traveling short distances by using a subscription card can board our buses for 3 TL, which they used to board for 1 TL before.

“The new application makes a great contribution to our family economy”

The student named Zehra Ortak, who said that she was very satisfied with the new application, said, “I am very satisfied with the application. We are printing it now because it is your subscription, it draws 1 lira directly. It also contributes to our family economy. My family gives me 100 liras per month for transportation. I load 60 lira of it on my card, 40 lira is left to me,” he said.

A student named Ebru Çöndür, who said that she used her extra money for more productive works after the subscription application was reduced from 3 TL to 1 TL, said, “I also used the subscription application. With this application, we contribute to our family budget. We print 3 lira instead of 1 lira. I learned the practice from my friends and it is spreading to everyone.”

A student named Rabia Akyol stated that she was happy to pay less thanks to the application and said, “You pay less, you come more comfortably. I am happy that students are being considered.”

Günceleme: 02/12/2022 16:23

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