Minister Bilgin Attended TİSK's 60th Anniversary Program

Minister Bilgin Attended TISK's Founding Anniversary Program
Minister Bilgin Attended TİSK's 60th Anniversary Program

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, participated in the program organized for the 60th anniversary of the Turkish Confederation of Employer Unions (TİSK).

In his speech, Bilgin noted that it is extremely important for an employers' organization to step into 60 years and said that 60 years has become more meaningful when Turkey's industrialization history is taken into account.

Minister Bilgin, who mentioned that in the past, Turkey did not have a world-class manpower that could compete in every field, said, “Today, thankfully, Turkey has the quality of labor that can produce in every field, all over the world, and access technology and information in every field. This is the strength of Turkey today. I think that one of the most important elements of this power is the entrepreneurial power of Turkey's industrialists and producers. Therefore, besides being an employers' organization, TİSK is an organization that brings together this production power, experience and knowledge. In this respect, I congratulate all those who have been involved in this 60-year struggle and all those who contributed to it.”

“We Will Stand With Our Production Power, Our Knowledge, Our Independence”

Bilgin underlined that it is very important for businessmen to sue them for Turkey's common future and continued as follows:

“Because when they sue for the common future, both the workers and the intellectuals of Turkey will meet in the common future. He already struggles to build that common future. Let's not forget that the Anatolian lands we live on is a difficult geography. There is a civilization under the ground that we cannot name. If you can't keep up here as a historical figure, that's where you go. That's why we Turks will stand here. How will we stop? We will stand with our production power, we will stand with our knowledge, but first of all, we will stand with the presence and independence of our state, which is the symbol of its independence. This independence is also the guarantee of our common future.”

“Our Growth Continues”

Stating that Turkey is one of the countries that came out of the epidemic process the strongest despite the economic difficulties in the world, Minister Bilgin said:

“We are proud of that. Fighting inflation, other problems of the economy and its reflection on Turkey, especially the reflection of the terrible increase in energy costs on us. We are trying to maintain an economic program that combats these as well. This economic program will be successful. The traditional period in which Turkey entered a crisis every 10 years, knocked on the door of the IMF, took loans, started from scratch and grew by establishing investment or production models within the frameworks limited by them is over. Turkey has set its own targets. He will walk towards his goals. Turkey's resources are limited, but despite these limited resources, Turkey is one of the two or three fastest growing and growing countries in the world. Our growth power continues. There are issues to criticize, but it is Turkey's producers, workers and entrepreneurs who will also eliminate the negative factors reflected on the production power in Turkey's export-based growth model.”

“We Reject the Employer-Employer Distinction”

Özgür Burak Akkol, Chairman of the Board of TİSK, stated that there are 21 member employers' unions that shape the country's economy and contribute to employment in the TİSK ecosystem, and conveyed their actions in the last three years.

Saying that they are an organization that is against all kinds of discrimination, Akkol said: “There was an approach like the state is separate, the workers are separate, and the employer is separate. As TİSK, we do not believe in this distinction, the state is our state, the worker is our worker, the entrepreneur is our entrepreneur. In summary, we reject the employee-employer distinction. We continue to refuse at every opportunity. I would like to express that we are against approaches that separate not only employers and employers but also employer organizations, make them compete unnecessarily, and distract them from the spirit of unity.”

Emphasizing that they will continue to bring practices that will set an example to the country, Turkish employers, Turkish workers and the world, Akkol said, “However we contributed to Turkey's first 100 years, we are here to do even more in its new century. Just as we have done until now, we will continue to produce tomorrow every day from now on.”

After the speeches, the companies that ranked high in the Common Futures Award Program, where TİSK awards social responsibility projects, were presented their awards.

The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, TÜRK-İŞ Chairman Ergün Atalay, Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen Confederation (TESK) Chairman Bendevi Palandöken, Turkish Metal Union Chairman Pevrul Kavlak, HAK-İŞ Deputy Chairman Osman Yıldız, Ankara Chamber of Commerce President Gürsel Baran and guests attended.

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