ABB's 'Know Your Food, Make Your Choice' Seminars Continue

ABB's Make Your Goal Diagnosis Selection Seminars Continue
ABB's 'Know Your Food, Make Your Choice' Seminars Continue

The 7th “Know Your Food, Make Your Choice” seminar, organized in cooperation with the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) Rural Services and Women and Family Services Departments, was held at the Kuşcagiz Family Life Center.

In the seminar attended by Agricultural Engineer Nail Sözer as a narrator; Legal, technical and practical information was given to the participants to help them choose the most suitable food type for their needs and wishes and to use the products they chose correctly.

In the seminar organized for the members of Women's Clubs, the members were explained under the heading of basic label information, the recommended consumption and expiration date, the name of the food, the net amount, reading and interpretation of the nutrition declaration table.

Nurgül Söğüt, Head of Livestock Services Branch of the Rural Service Department, stated that "Know Your Food, Make Your Choice" seminars will be held in 21 Women's Clubs throughout the city, and said, "We organize educational seminars for our female members to promote food and to correctly understand the information on the labels. With these seminars, we aim for our women to choose the most suitable food types for their budgets and nutritional needs.”

Stating that they were informed about conscious food consumption by participating in the seminars organized by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, women from the capital expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

Işıl Paça: “I was very satisfied with these trainings. When I went to the market and bought a product, I used to only look at the expiration date. After this seminar, we will shop more carefully.”

Burcu Aydoğan: “I have a small child. I was unconsciously shopping. After this seminar, I will pay attention to what is written on the labels. I would like to thank those who contributed to the organization of this seminar.”

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