How is Chinese Modernization Perceived?

How Is The Modernization In The Gin Style Perceived?
How Chinese-style modernization is perceived

At the upcoming 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CCP), the party's goal for the future was determined. The CCP's second-century goal is to accelerate the rise of the great Chinese nation through Chinese-style modernization by making the country a powerful modern socialist state. Here the emphasis was placed on the way of modernization in the Chinese style. So how is this concept perceived?

The modernization of the economic society

Today's world is faced with changes that have never been seen in a century. The world economy has not been able to recover due to the effect of the epidemic that has been going on for 3 years. Under this condition, the modernization of the economic society is given priority over the Chinese-style modernization. China is the country with the largest population and the second economy in the world. Therefore, when we talk about modernization in the Chinese style, we are talking about a modernization with a large population.

Modernization in which all people attain common prosperity

The scientific distribution system is vital to the common welfare. In a way, we encourage some people to get rich first, more workers to earn more, and hard work. On the other hand, we emphasize not only equality of outcome but also equality of opportunity. In this period, we attach great importance to the improvement of the system and the attainment of higher levels of well-being for more people. High levels of well-being include not only raising the standard of material life, but also the equal enjoyment of development opportunities.

Modernization in which material and spiritual civilizations are developed in coordination

China's main contradiction at the moment is the contradiction between the people's demand for the good life and unbalanced and insufficient development. The development of the Chinese economy should always be on the basis of the people priority rule. Therefore, the question of the relationship between balanced development and adequate development must be properly resolved.

Modernization, where man and nature live in harmony

China, which attaches importance to green development, always stays true to the rule of living in harmony with human and nature. This is already China's solution to the adequacy of development problem.

Modernization that follows the path of peaceful development

Chinese-style modernization is not about directing its own problems to neighboring countries or simply emphasizing the development of one's own country. China is trying to accelerate the growth of the world economy by improving itself. In the 40 years of opening up and reforming, China has become one of the most important trading partners of more than 140 countries and regions. China's contribution to the world economy is constantly increasing. In the coming period, China will raise human civilization to a higher level by accelerating the construction of humankind's shared destiny.

Modernization in the Chinese style is of great importance for both China and the world. Modernization in the Chinese style will have a great impact on world history. Because this modernization style offered the Chinese solution to the world economy.

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