Cylinder Operations Against Organized Crime Organizations in 50 Provinces: 400 Detentions

Cylinder Operation Detained in the Province Against Organized Crime Organizations
Cylinder Operations Against Organized Crime Organizations in 50 Provinces 400 Detentions

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu received information about the operation via the video conference system from the KOM branch managers of the provinces where the operations were carried out at the Martyr Altuğ Verdi Operations Center of the General Directorate of Security Anti-Smuggling and Organized Crime (KOM).

Afterwards, Minister Soylu made a statement to the members of the press and stated that 211 people were detained and 2 people were arrested in 703 operations carried out within the scope of the fight against organized crime organizations since the beginning of the year.

Minister Soylu stated that a total of 2 organized crime organizations have been destroyed and captured in the operations of Coastal Wind-8 in 1 provinces, Coastal Wind-9 in 2 provinces, Mucilage-16 in 1 provinces, Mucilage-20 in 2 provinces, Scythe in 30 provinces and Tumor in 24 provinces. He stated that 66 suspects have been arrested.

When they infect our nation, we will do what is necessary in a ruthless way.” Minister Soylu said that some of the organized crime organizations are trying to gain income and expand their sphere of influence through illegal means.

Minister Süleyman Soylu stated that, under the coordination of the KOM Presidency, an operation code-named "Cylinder" was launched against a total of 50 targets, including 18 suspects from 347 organized crime groups and 55 suspects from 155 crime groups supplying these organizations with weapons, and that 502 suspects had been detained so far.

Criminal Methods of Suspects Deciphered

Giving examples of the criminal methods of organized crime organizations, Minister Soylu said that the suspects carried out an armed raid on the residences of the people whom they had charged with usury activities and had they signed deed at gunpoint.

Minister Soylu stated that the suspects beat the victims in the presence of their families, recorded them, forced them to sign promissory notes and collected money, then made other victims watch the footage and threatened them with death, and these people drove them to commit suicide.

Minister Soylu continued his words as follows: “During the drug trafficking activities, they forcibly abducted a woman they held responsible for the disappearance of the drug, battered and raped in the farmhouse belonging to the leader of the organization, and through the public institutions and managers they took under their control through bribery, the members of the organization carried out the tender processes of these institutions. They placed them in sections and they entered with front companies thanks to these people, they won the public tenders, the tradesmen and citizens made an unfair profit by selling the materials they donated through the tender method, they deliberately started outrage and armed fights by not paying their bills at the entertainment venues that refused to pay tribute, and they drove the business owners who lost customers into bankruptcy with this method. and subsequently, it was determined that they obtained illegal income for themselves by forcibly taking the management and so-called security of these places.

Upon being aware of the disagreements between business people in commercial activities, the members of the organization carried out an armed action against these people, and then they were perceived that these attacks were carried out within the framework of commercial activities, and the business people who were afraid of their lives took advantage of this situation and constantly collected money from them under the name of so-called protection service, It has been revealed that they forced the business owners to sign high amounts of bills at gunpoint in return for this service, and in this ongoing process, they made illegal income by trading drugs and prostitution from their businesses, which they made partners with through threats, in return for these bills.”

Günceleme: 06/12/2022 13:48

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