Childhood Obesity Is Increasingly Increasing!

Childhood Obesity Is Increasingly Increasing
Childhood Obesity Is Increasingly Increasing!

Today, childhood obesity is increasing due to the increase in fast food consumption, sedentary lifestyle, and calorie foods in school menus.

Specialist Dietitian Melike Çetintaş, who made important statements on the subject, said, "Children who gain weight rapidly in the developmental age have to struggle with many diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases in their future lives."

Children who are exposed to many bad comments and bullying about their weight in school life feel insecure, angry and unsuccessful. For these reasons, proper nutrition and proper diet are very important in children. The child's willingness to lose weight forms the basis of this treatment. If he does not want it, the insistence of the parents does not work very well. A healthy nutrition program can be planned from the age of 7 on. Ideal weight for children is calculated according to percentile curves. Strictly low calorie weight loss diets are not recommended. A healthy and regular nutrition program that will support growth and development is created, and lifestyle adjustments are made. With proper nutrition, children grow in height.

Specialist Dietitian Melike Çetintaş continued her words as follows;

  • The support of family members plays an important role in this process. While the child is eating diet meals at a table, other family members' consumption of calorie foods negatively affects the psychological development of children.
  • Junk food should not be in the places where he can reach and see at home.
  • Be sure to start the day with a good breakfast. He should not go to school without having breakfast. Or a breakfast sandwich should be prepared to eat at school.
  • Make sure to bring healthy snacks with you. Nuts, dried fruits, such as milk and yoghurt.
  • Examine school menus instead of consuming fast food for lunch. If there is a fast food product, create good alternatives such as chicken sandwiches and cheese sandwiches instead.
  • Make sure to eat fish 2 days a week
  • Create physical activities that you can do together that your child may enjoy.

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