Attention to Peer Bullying in Adolescence and Before

Attention to Peer Bullying in Adolescence and Pre-Adolescence
Attention to Peer Bullying in Adolescence and Before

Expressing that children can be cruel to each other at adolescence, Vanity Estetik Co-Founder Op. Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı gave information about the effect of adolescent bullying in aesthetics.

Stating that the age of demand in aesthetic procedures has decreased, Op. Dr. Güray Yeşiladalı said, “The demands came down to the ages of 14-15. Aesthetic procedure demands and aesthetic surgery applications are actually in a very wide perspective and we perform aesthetic applications at a much younger age, for example 5-6 years old. For example, a prominent ear aesthetic may be essential for the child and his family. Because we know that children can be cruel to each other at this age, especially school-age children can behave rudely and forcefully towards each other. This creates vulnerability and introversion in the child who is exposed to pressure. Psychological traumas can continue for life. For this reason, since most of the ear development in children is completed just before school age, we can also provide psychological relief in the child with prominent ear operations. In order not to affect the psychology of their children, these procedures may be requested by the parents, especially. Because parents also know that conditions such as prominent ears can cause mental problems in the child as a result of peer pressure. For this reason, they want to take precautions rightly,” he said.

Güray Yeşiladalı said that the main point to be considered in the aesthetics demanded in childhood should be understood well whether it is an "obligatory aesthetic" or a "psychological demand". We are in favor of learning the reason for this demand in the child, not applying the aesthetic procedures demanded by the desire to transform into someone else, to give up their own identity and to assume another identity under the influence of the media. Families have a big role to play here," he said.

Günceleme: 04/12/2022 11:15

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