2022 New Moscow Metro Stations Opened in 30

New Moscow Metro Station Opened in Year
2022 New Moscow Metro Stations Opened in 30

As of November 21, 2019, 1 new and reconfigured stations have been opened on MCD-6, 2 suburban stations on MCD-10, and 3 stations on the future MCD-4 and MCD-14.

The new stations make travel easier for passengers and help improve areas and public spaces close to them. For example, the opening of the Kuryanovo MCD-2 station allowed the region to make a real breakthrough in development. Active residential development has begun in a previously low demand area.

In addition, the stations become part of large transport hubs, where it is convenient to switch from one mode of transport to another. For example, Okruzhnaya center, which contains the reconstructed station of the first diameter.

At the instruction of Moscow Mayor S. Sobyanin, we continue to develop the Moscow Central Circle. In 2022 we opened 1 new and reconfigured stations in MCD-2, MCD-4 and future MCD-6. In total, we have rebuilt 30 commuter stations on the routes of the first four diameters since the launch of the MCD. All meet Moscow transport standards, modern comfortable stations with multi-storey safe rail crossings, convenient and fast transfers seen at the sites of outdated suburban train stops, integrated with other modes of public transport.

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