1,5 Million Lira Support to Farmers with Local Dry Beans

Million Lira Support to Farmers with Local Dry Beans
1,5 Million Lira Support to Farmers with Local Dry Beans

The local dry bean seed, which was distributed for the first time in the beginning of summer with the guarantee of purchase by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, made the farmer smile before the dark winter. After the harvest, the first stop of the Metropolitan Municipality, which doubled the market price of the farmer's product, was Ödemiş. With the project, 97 million liras of support was provided to 1 farmers in five districts.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerWith the vision of "Another Agriculture is Possible", the support to small producers continues to increase. Local dry bean seeds distributed for the first time in the beginning of summer with the purchase guarantee of the Metropolitan Municipality allowed the farmer to breathe easily before the dark winter. After the harvest, Horzum, one of the mountain villages of Ödemiş, was the first stop of the Metropolitan Municipality, which bought the farmer's product for twice the market price and its weight at 45 liras. More than 100 thousand liras of support was provided to 26 producers who planted on 300 decares of land in Horzum village. With the project, 97 million liras worth of products were purchased from 1 farmers in five districts.

With the project, which was started for the first time this year in Bergama, Foça, Menderes, Urla and Ödemiş districts, 3 tons of local dry bean seeds were distributed to the producers and a total of 322 decares of land was planted.

The target in 2023 is 3 thousand acres

IzTarm A.S. General Manager Murat Onkardeşler said, “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerWe are on another leg of the 'Another Agriculture is Possible' philosophy. We are in the village of Horzum in this project, which we carry out to combat poverty, the climate crisis, and to support ancestral seeds. This is a village at the high altitudes of Ödemiş, which previously produced dry beans. this year, we implemented this project in five of our districts. First we started with chickpeas, we continued with dry beans. We gave these two local seeds to our producers with karakılçık. This year we will allocate the crop we collected for seeds. We will purchase approximately 25 tons. and we want to expand it. Our support to our farmers will continue in chickpeas, dry beans, karakilçik, saz rye.”

“Slums in the city, extreme villages in the countryside”

Emphasizing that they are purchasing at twice the price of the market, Murat Onkardeşler said, "Our most important goal is for the manufacturer to stay where they produce. Our president cares about the back neighborhoods in the city as well as the remote villages in the countryside. At these points, there is abandonment. Our president owns and touches it. In this project, we We buy the product, which is bought for 20 liras on the stock exchange, for 45 liras. We ensure that our producers raise their children in their own villages and they do not break with production.”

“We cannot give up on agriculture”

Saying that the project is a hope for farmers, Horzum Neighborhood Headman Yılmaz Öz said, “Horzum is a village that has become famous for beans, kidney beans and tomatoes. Our priority here was to increase the product variety. With the vision of our Bronze President, Another Agriculture is Possible. We turned to different products. Let this project be an example for other municipalities. Like us. There should be more support in villages that live on agriculture and animal husbandry. We expect more support not only from the metropolitan city but also from the state. Because we will not be able to give up on agriculture," he said.

“We will plant more next year”

Producer Hasan Turgut also said that they are happy with the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and said, "We are especially pleased with the support given to farmers in remote villages like us. We are going through a difficult process, but we are trying to alleviate this period thanks to our municipality. We are planning to plant more next year."

“Support is always valuable”

Producer İsa Demirkol said, “Izmir Metropolitan Municipality gave us bean seeds. We planted bean seeds with suspicion, but we got a good yield. It was a fertile bean. Although the price changes every week, they bought us 45 liras per kilo. Thank you. The farmer's situation is miserable, we don't need to explain. Last year, diesel was 10 liras, this year it was 25 liras. Support is always valuable,” he said.

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