Works Continue in Batıkent Recreation Area

Works in Batikent Recreation Area Continue
Works Continue in Batıkent Recreation Area

Continuing its work for a Green Capital, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has started to work on the recreation area to be established on an idle 420 thousand square meter area in Batıkent Kentkoop District. ABB President Mansur Yavaş, announcing the works related to the area through his social media accounts, said, “Our legacy to the future will be the 'Capital of the Green'”.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which increases the number of green areas that will give the capital a breath of fresh air, has started to work on the recreation area to be brought to Yenimahalle district.

The 420 thousand square meter area, which is idle in Batıkent Kentkoop Neighborhood, will turn into a giant recreation area after the work of the Environmental Protection and Control Department.

While the teams accelerate their work in the recreation area with a contract value of 229 million 453 thousand TL, the process of paving the way for walking and cycling continues. The foundations of the youth center, indoor sports facility, buffet, WC, tea garden, cafeteria, women's club buildings planned to be located in the area were laid.

Ground improvement works are also continuing in the recreation area so that everyone from 7 to 70 can do sports.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş gave information about the works carried out in Batıkent Recreation Area with his social media accounts. Slow said:

“We are bringing the 420 thousand square meter Batıkent Recreation Area to our Ankara very soon. There will also be social facilities and sports centers where our citizens can spend time with pleasure. Our legacy to the future will be the 'Capital of the Green'.”


There will be social facilities and sports fields in the area with the theme of “climate positive” and 80 percent of it will be green areas.

While planning the park where the youth center, women's club, exhibition hall, tea garden, cafeteria, prayer room, parking lot and kiosks will be located, the areas where citizens can do sports as they wish were not forgotten. In the recreation area; There will be two indoor sports facilities, basketball, mini football fields and tennis courts, and one volleyball and professional football field each.


The park, which will have an insatiable visuality with a biological pond of 3 thousand 676 square meters, will have a 17-kilometer walking path and a 6-kilometer bicycle track.

Aiming to provide the citizens of the Capital with a green area where they can get plenty of oxygen in the fresh air, ABB will bring together 40 trees and 80 thousand shrubs that are compatible with the climate conditions of the Capital, apart from the 7 thousand square meters of grass and 100 square meters of meadows in the park.

The Batıkent Recreation Area, where residents of the capital can breathe, is planned to be completed by July 2023.

Günceleme: 17/11/2022 15:50

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