Wizmirnet Free Internet Service Started From 430 Points

Wizmirnet Free Internet Service Started From Point
Wizmirnet Free Internet Service Started From 430 Points

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Wizmirnet free internet service started to be provided from 430 points. Providing free internet service in an area of ​​1 million 100 thousand square meters, the Metropolitan Municipality has reached 650 thousand users. While the number of users increased by 127 percent compared to last year, it was determined that 16 million logins were made to date.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's WizmirNet free internet service attracts great attention. The number of users of the service increased by 127 percent compared to the previous year. Providing this service at 72 points in 323 villages, in addition to buses, ferries, piers, metro stations, trams, parks and squares, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has expanded its scope and reached 430 points. Since 2021, when the free internet service was launched, 650 thousand users have been reached. Each user logged into the system 24,5 times. According to the data, more than 16 million logins were made.

Service on an area of ​​1 million 100 thousand square meters on the beach

Ali Tuğluer, the Information Networks Branch Manager of the IT Department, said that internet fees are constantly increasing, which makes it difficult to access the internet. Reminding that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is also working to facilitate free internet access, Ali Tuğluer said, “The service we offer works uninterruptedly on the 22,5 kilometer coastline from Mavişehir to İnciraltı. Another feature of this free internet service is that it is completely unlimited and unhindered. Without any quota, citizens benefit from it free of charge,” he said. Stating that there has been a significant increase in the use of free internet on some special days, Ali Tuğluer said, “For example, we analyzed that during the 9 September celebrations, 150 thousand people benefited from free internet service at the same time.” he said.

Intense interest from the youth

Tuğluer said that the fact that the people of İzmir benefit from this application many times is an indication that the system works smoothly and efficiently: “The 18-30 age group has a ratio of more than 40 percent among current Wizmirnet users. In general, anyone from 7 to 77 can use this service without any problems.”

Students are satisfied with the service

University student Furkan Karagöz, who took advantage of the free internet application, said, “It is very useful for us when there is no internet. We can easily access many applications. It works for us. As young people, we are satisfied with this service. When we want to do research on a subject for our lessons and we do not have internet, we benefit from this service of the municipality.” Efe Kılınç also stated that it was a very good work and said, “When I do my research homework, I come here after school and benefit from the internet. I can do my research. We are happy for that,” he said.

Unlimited internet service continues

Aliaga, Bahri Baba, Torbali, Bornova, Bostanli, Cumaovasi, Çiğli, Egekent, ESBAŞ, Evka-3, Fahrettin Altay, Halkapınar, Hatun Dere, Karşıyaka WizmirNet points were created for the transfer points of İskele, Kemer, Şirinyer, Mavişehir, Menemen, Üçkuyular, Üçyol, Sarnıç and Semt Garage. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality provides free internet service at approximately 72 points, including 7 parks and squares, 20 piers, 60 ferryboats, 80 buses, 17 villages, 41 metro stations, 22 trams, 22,5 transfer centers and a 430 km coastline. .

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