What is Super App, What Does It Do? What are the Advantages of Super App?

What is Super App What It Is What Are The Advantages Of Super App
What is Super App, What is it Good for What are the Advantages of Super App

We were introduced to the concept of Super App for the first time in 2010 through Blackberry founder Mike Lazaridis. Portals where many products and services come together are called Super App. Mike Lazaridis defines Super App as: “It is a closed ecosystem focused on providing an efficient experience where many seamless, integrated and contextualized applications that people will use every day.” In other words, the main purpose of the application is to provide the user with the best experience by offering many services within an ecosystem to easily meet their daily needs. In order for an application to be defined as super, it must have at least two different features. For example, the presence of an e-wallet and online shopping feature in an application with a messaging feature makes it a Supper App.

What Does Super App Do?

This new generation technology, which is more common all over the world, provides convenience especially in financial fields. The fact that different services such as messaging, shopping and finance can be done through a single application is revolutionary for phones that have turned into application dumps.

These applications, which are used instead of traditional financial systems, bring many innovations and conveniences to their users. This new system, which is effective in reshaping the financial order, enables to manage all financial technologies with one tool. Super App is frequently used for those who trade via the Internet or for individuals or organizations that conduct their business on the Internet.

What are the Advantages of Super App?

While these softwares are user-friendly with their easy interfaces, they are very practical as they enable to perform more than one action with a single session. One of the biggest advantages of these applications is that users do not pay separately for each transaction. The conversation with your friend after placing a grocery order sohbetImagine that you can continue your work from the same application. It sounds very practical and fast to make bill payments with the same application after purchasing a public transport ticket.


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