Soyer: 'We want the Buca Prison Land to be Just Green Space'

We Want Soyer Buca Prison Land To Be Only Green Space
Soyer: 'We want the Buca Prison Land to be Just Green Space'

The 112th meeting of the Izmir Economic Development Coordination Board was held at the Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center. Speaking about the opening of the Buca Prison land to construction in line with the plan prepared by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer“We do not want anything to be done in this area. "We just want green space," he said.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor at the 112th meeting of İzmir Economic Development Coordination Board (İEKKK) Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center Tunç SoyerIt was hosted by . One of the issues on the agenda of the meeting was how to evaluate the land that emerged after the demolition of the destroyed Buca Prison. Minister Tunç SoyerEmphasizing that the land belonging to Buca Prison should be brought to the city as a green area, he said, “Everywhere in Buca is concrete. There is hardly any green space. There is not even an earthquake assembly area. Social facility, municipality service area, this, this… We want nothing but nothing in this area. It's a huge area. Buca has only one space to breathe in such a cramped structure,” he said.

“Decisions have been made that will shed light on future generations”

President Soyer, referring to the Izmir Economy Congress held in the city in 1923, said, “100 years ago, our ancestors took the decisions regarding the future of this country in Izmir. We, too, will guide future generations with the Economics Congress that we will organize in the second century of the Republic. We started the preparatory work for the Economics Congress on 1 August. So far, we have met with workers and farmers three times and with traders twice. We will hold the last meeting with industrialists, traders and artisans on 1 December. We made policy decisions with our guests. These decisions will shed light on the future. We will announce the decisions in February," he said.

Hotel and congress center in Gaziemir

Stating that they aim to build a hotel and congress center in the area next to Fair İzmir, Mayor Soyer stated that their goal is to lay the groundwork before the end of 2023. Emphasizing that important projects related to the improvement of streams are being carried out in İzmir, Mayor Soyer said, “We identified the points made in the past and overlooked. We work with valuable professors and scientists of universities. At first, our goal is to eliminate the odor problem in the short term. We are working on the Fragrance Master Plan for the upcoming process. I can say that the smell will be less in the next summer period. In the future, it will be even less. We will completely solve the odor problem," he said.

Vahyettin Akyol, Head of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Studies and Projects, made a presentation about the Hotel and Congress Center to be built in Gaziemir. Onur Demirci, Deputy General Manager of İZSU, gave information about the works in İzmir Bay.

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