TAI Receives 'Successful Business Partner Award'

TUSAS Received Successful Business Partner Award
TAI Receives 'Successful Business Partner Award'

📩 27/11/2022 13:24

Turkish Aerospace Industries added a new one to the awards it won as a result of zero error and on-time delivery in the field of world air structures, and was awarded the 2021 Success Partner award by Spirit, one of the most important companies in the world in the field of air structures. Turkish Aerospace Industries, which has won a total of 5 awards from Spirit, has been mentioned as a business partner instead of a supplier for the first time.

Turkish Aerospace Industries, which is among the world's leading companies with half a century of experience in the production of air structures, continues by developing the cooperation that it started in 2002. In this context, the company, which is the only source manufacturer in the world for more than 3500 semi-assembly parts used in Boeing aircraft, aims to deliver the 2021th Section (Section737) of Boeing 8 Max-48 aircraft, which it won in 48, at the end of 2022. Having delivered more than 19 million aircraft parts to Spirit on time in the past 5 years, the company aims to deliver 2023 aircraft parts to Spirit in 560.000.

Within the scope of the "Fixed Trailing Edge", which is located on the trailing edge of the wing and is the part where the moving details (Spoiler, Aileron, etc.) and the landing gear are connected, within the scope of the "Fixed Trailing Edge", a total of 2 interior and 2 exterior spars in a set of aircraft were produced and delivered in the project. will deliver the set produced for the aircraft next month. The company aims to deliver a total of 300 aircraft sets to Spirit within the scope of the project.

Commenting on the deliveries made, Turkish Aerospace Industries General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said, “Our company has brought many capabilities in the field of aviation to our country with its half-century of experience. Since we see all the work we do as the representation of our country, we continue our work meticulously. This dedication is the basis of this international trust in our company. We have won a total of 5 awards from Spirit so far for our flawless and just-in-time deliveries. I would like to thank our colleagues and Spirit company for contributing to our vision of flawless production and delivery.” said.

Turkish Aerospace Industries has won the 2011 – Platinum Supplier, 2015 – International Supplier of the Year, 2016 – International Supplier of the Year, 2020 – Supplier of the Year awards from Spirit, and this time it has recently been awarded the 2021 “Success Partner” ( Successful Business Partner) award. Thus, Turkish Aerospace Industries, which has been collaborating as a supplier since 2002, was evaluated as a “Business Partner” by Spirit in the award it received in 2022.

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