Tooth Brushing Should Begin with the First Baby Teeth

Toothbrushing should start with the first milk tooth
Tooth Brushing Should Begin with the First Baby Teeth

Üsküdar University Faculty of Dentistry Dean Prof. Dr. Yumuşhan Günay evaluated the importance of oral and dental care.

Stating that the tooth has an important role in speech, communication and social life as well as its function in our nutrition, Prof. Dr. Yumuşhan Günay said, “It is important in emphasizing our mimics and reflecting our character. Another role that should not be ignored is the meaning that a healthy, meticulously cared tooth expresses on our identity. It can also be mentioned as a role that reinforces our identity as a person who takes care of himself, takes second parties or society seriously and respects second parties in relations with society. As a social being, the information our teeth give about our personality is very important in our relations with society. A well-groomed mouth has started to be considered as an integral part of a healthy relationship today. This is pleasing," he said.

Noting that it is very important to remove the remaining parts of the eaten food, Prof. Dr. Yumuşhan Günay said, “Because these residues are used as a medium by the microbes in our mouth and multiply rapidly; With the toxins they secrete, they play a destructive role on the enamel of our teeth, gums and the spaces between teeth and gums. By brushing teeth, we remove the comfort areas and shelters of microbes from the mouth.

Stating that the habit of brushing teeth should be gained as early as possible, Prof. Dr. Yumushan Gunay continued his words by saying:

“Sometimes the habit of brushing starts when a person has a very devastating experience with their teeth. Because of the situation that occurs after the loss, extraction or loss of more than one tooth, people regret it and start brushing their teeth. The main brushing habit should be gained from a very young age according to a certain program. Brushing habits should start from the moment the first milk tooth appears from the mouth.”

Expressing that parents have an important role in acquiring the habit of brushing teeth, Prof. Dr. Yumuşhan Günay, maybe as a family ritual of parents, they can take their children together in front of the mirror and brush their teeth together in the form of an entertainment, theatrical show. With the diversification of the child's perception of the world over time, the habit of brushing teeth can become a process for different perception levels such as having more beautiful and clean teeth, preventing pain, and establishing the awareness of the concept of health.

prof. Dr. Yumushan Günay, "As a result, it turns into a habit of living that can brush its teeth from the age of 8-10 and feels the need to brush their teeth when getting up in the morning or going to bed at night, and feels restless when they do not do it." he said.

Pointing out that many variables play a role in the formation of a caries, therefore, the importance of regular physician control. Dr. Yumushan Gunay concluded his words as follows:

“From time to time, a child's teeth need to be checked by a specialist, at least by the parents. It is very important to take it to a specialist when any discoloration or cavities are encountered on the tooth. The cheapest and least psychologically traumatic intervention is the earliest intervention. A bruise that is caught in the beginning can be prevented to a great extent with a very small tool intervention, sometimes even with just a filling without any tools. A follow-up is essential that will compensate with very simple interventions without magnifying or neglecting the event.”

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