Step by Emirates to Speed ​​Up Check-in at Dubai Airport

Step to Speed ​​Up Check-in Process at Dubai Airport from Emirates
Step by Emirates to Speed ​​Up Check-in at Dubai Airport

Emirates, in partnership with the Directorate General for Residence and Foreigners in Dubai (GDRFA), now offers international passengers the option to speed up the airport check-in process by accepting the use of biometrics.

The agreement was signed by His Highness Lieutenant General Mohamed Ahmed Al Marri, Director-General of the GDRFA in Dubai, and Adel Al Redha, Chief Operating Officer of Emirates, in the presence of several senior officials from both sides.

The strategic partnership between GDRFA and Emirates is the first of its kind in the world and represents an effort to further enhance the innovative and digitally driven travel experiences of Dubai visitors. The agreement improves passenger handling procedures within Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport and enables faster and more efficient use of the airport for passengers connecting to connecting flights and arriving in Dubai as their final destination.

His Highness Lieutenant General Mohammed Al-Marri said: “This agreement provides more services for passengers. Dubai is one of the most attractive destinations in the world and already in 2022 more than 8 million tourists have come to the city. We continue to support our key partners by providing best-in-class services as we strive for excellence and innovation in building Dubai's position as a leading global business hub and tourism destination.”

Adel Al Redha highlighted the importance and value of this agreement: “Emirates continuously invests in improving the customer experience and we thank GDFRA for expanding collaboration, communication and coordination that adds new value to Emirates' services and enables our international passengers to fly better. ”

Using biometric recognition technologies and GDRFA's pre-populated biometric database to identify passengers at multiple airport locations, passengers are much more than Dubai Airport's Terminal 3 check-in, lounges, boarding and immigration clearance processes, as artificial intelligence systems recognize passengers' unique facial features. they can go fast. and connect with their passports for instant authentication. The service, which until now has only been used by UAE residents and citizens of the Persian Gulf countries, will be available in 2023 to foreign passengers who provide official confirmation at the Emirates self-service check-in with a few clicks via the Emirates app. at kiosks or at Emirates check-in counters in person.

Emirates customers can enjoy fast and hassle-free travel in many other ways:

Use the Emirates app worldwide

Passengers are encouraged to download the Emirates app on their mobile phone to have all flight information at their fingertips. Users can now track their luggage, book and change flights, download digital boarding passes for most destinations, check what meals will be served on board, book chauffeur service, and even pre-select and plan movies to watch. -flight fun ice .

Worldwide online check-in

All passengers can check-in online directly at 48 hours prior to departure. With just a few clicks, they can choose their seat and preferred meal and take advantage of last-minute upgrades. At the airport, it's easy to drop off your luggage at special luggage control counters and download your digital boarding pass.

Luggage delivery the evening before the trip

Passengers can check-in and drop off their luggage at the airport 24 hours before departure if departing from Dubai, or 12 hours before departure for US and Tel Aviv flights, and then arrive at the airport and proceed directly to immigration control.

Home check-in service

Checking in with Emirates from the comfort of your home is an Emirates service offered by DUBZ in Dubai and Sharjah. While DUBZ agents complete the check-in process at the customer's home, hotel or office and deliver their luggage to the aircraft, passengers have a pleasant time for the rest of the day and then quickly pass through the airport. Book and pay for the service at least 24 hours before departure and check-in at the airport up to six hours before departure.

Self service check-in kiosks in Dubai

Emirates' self-service check-in kiosks are a quick and easy option at Dubai International Airport. Passengers can follow the instructions on the touch kiosk or control the touch kiosk with their mobile phone to complete the check-in process. It is also possible to use a special area to see the route, choose a seat and leave luggage if you have checked in online.

Benefit from the best biometric solutions in Dubai

In 2023, Emirates passengers will be able to allow the use of biometrics at Emirates self-service check-in kiosks or at Emirates check-in counters in person with a click of the Emirates app. This will ensure that they always enjoy contactless and fast services at multiple locations in Terminal 3 of Dubai International Airport – the check-in desk, lounges, boarding and immigration departments are equipped with time-saving biometric innovations.

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