Rumor: Fortnite May Have 'No Build' Mode

Rumor may have Fortnite No Build Mode

 Could it be working on a "No Build" mode in Fortnite?

Love it or hate it, Fortnite is one of the most popular games on the planet. In season one, building mechanics were one of the main features in the original Fortnite game, back in the day when it was just a Save the World mode. Soon after, this was moved to Battle Royale mode and is now the heart of the game. It's also the reason why people quit the game after just a few hours. This is mainly due to the skill ceiling involved, which makes it very intimidating for others when they encounter it. Based on the latest rumors, the battle royale may soon have a "No Build" mode. Not only will this bring other players back to their games, but it could cause the number of active Fortnite accounts to skyrocket.


Ever since Epic Games released Fortnite in 2017, the game and Fortnite Item Shop developed in many ways. For starters, Fortnite received a change to building mechanics in patch 3.0, making it more central to battle royale. Soon, however, burnout began, and many players were clamoring for a deconstructed mode.

A building battle wasn't uncommon in Fortnite back then, and it's certainly nothing new now. When Turbo Building was added to battle royale in its third major update, these fights became a much more regular occurrence from one match to the next. Since the release of Turbo Building, some fans have had a hard time keeping up with professional builders who can create tunnels, forts and towers in seconds while beating enemies on the map. If the “No Build” mode passes, it could give players who don't use this building mechanic a new look at the battle royale – even bringing back overdue fans who were disappointed by the building.

How will the “No Build” Mode Gameplay Work?

The “No Build” mode rumor first surfaced on HYPEX, a data miner and trusted leaker focused on Fortnite updates. HYPEX said the company is working on bringing the "No Build" mode to life, and it's likely to have Duos and Squads for it.

This mod is like your standard Battle Royale mode, but the ability to collect building materials to build ramps, platforms and walls will be eliminated; You will fight in a standard survival game. Without building it, it will no longer be possible to climb an enemy or create a quick cover to fall on them. Instead, you will need to carefully calculate the approach of enemies for this mod and change their movement/landing strategy if necessary. If the "No Build" mode passes, the battle will change indefinitely, as sneaking around and understanding the map better will be more important than having the skills to build a castle in the blink of an eye.

Enemies sneaking up from behind will have a chance to knock a player down as knocking down a wall is no longer an option. Therefore, players will have to watch their backs more carefully while keeping tabs on future cover spots. Also, climbing a slope as an escape from the storm will no longer be an option. If you want to ascend to higher ground, you will have to go a long way around. Expect risky falls, harder-to-reach chests, and longer travel times.


The “No Build” mode in Fortnite honestly seems like a great idea that many people will be willing to try. While Epic Games is removing one of the key elements that make Fortnite so unique, it's not like we're just going to get stuck in this mode. Granted, you'll still have access to special characters and items like jetpacks, so it's not like they removed everything that made battle royale so fun. This mod is inactive to Fortnite accounts It can repair some of the damage done to old players who have it, and even draw more attention to the already popular game if it sticks around.

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