'Digital Airport of the Year' Award to Sabiha Gökçen

Sabiha Gokcene Digital Airport of the Year Award
'Digital Airport of the Year' Award to Sabiha Gökçen

Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport was selected as the “Digital Airport of the Year” by the Bluesky Awards 2022. Turkey's second largest airport, Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen (İSG), was selected as the “Digital Airport of the Year” in the Aviation Achievement Awards category of the Bluesky Awards 2022, which confirms the success in the aviation industry.

This year, the global aviation awards, which received applications from 11 different countries including America, Canada, Germany, Italy, China, Arab Emirates and Thailand, were presented to their owners at a ceremony held at Elit World Hotel Taksim on Saturday night, 26 November 2022. Receiving the “Digital Airport of the Year” award on behalf of OHS, IT Director Ismihan Baysal Anderson said, “This award is very proud for us. We work 7/24 for the experience and safety of our passengers. The appreciation of our efforts motivated us even more. Hopefully, we will achieve even better ones," he said.

Bluesky Awards, Turkey's independent aviation achievement awards organization, are held in two different areas as 'Aviation Achievement Awards' and 'Aviation Project Awards'. The organization evaluates and rewards institutions and organizations that aim to raise the standards of product and service offerings in the aviation industry.

Berk Albayrak: Our technological solution investments will continue

Stating that they clinched their success in aviation with this award, Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport CEO Berk Albayrak emphasized their digital investments, which include many firsts in Turkey. Albayrak stated that Turkey's first airport loyalty rewards program, ISG PORTPAL, which they brought together with its passengers a short time ago, turned the expenses made at the airport into points and then into advantageous opportunities for the passengers.

While offering its passengers all the services needed for a comfortable and enjoyable journey, from flight tracking to advantageous campaigns, through the mobile application, OHS also introduced travel technology to passengers with its new chip ID card. The system, which allows passengers who have completed their check-in procedures to quickly and easily go to their flights with only their new chip ID cards without their boarding cards, was implemented as a world first in partnership with ISG and Pegasus.

With the identity card, which allows passengers to carry out their own transactions without the need for ground handling personnel, the passengers are offered boarding, the opportunity to produce their own baggage tag, paste it and deliver it to the baggage system. Berk Albayrak also said that the travel technology with the chip ID card increases customer satisfaction and said, "Passengers who complete their transactions more comfortably and in a short time in this way reach the flight gates as soon as possible, and we, as the management, reduce the queue times at the airport."

Fast solutions with artificial intelligence and e-passport

With the artificial intelligence supported image processing system installed, the entrance, security pass, passport control processes and the waiting times of the passengers are measured and the passenger movement is monitored at the airport, thanks to the digital technologies used, in case of long queues, real-time notifications are sent to the operation and the problems are solved in a short time.

Another innovation that Turkey has met with OHS is the e-passport application. The e-passport application, which enables Turkish citizens over the age of 18 to automatically pass by having their fingerprints read and using their chip passport with face recognition technology, without the officer in charge of passport control, provides automatic passage from passport control in 18 seconds with its biometric system. In the system, which is implemented for the first time in Turkey, passengers scan their new chip passports, fingerprints and faces at specially prepared passport counters, and after verification, they open the sliding door at the passport counter to allow passage.

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