PUBG MOBILE 2.3 Update Released

PUBG MOBILE 2.3 Update Released
PUBG MOBILE 2.3 Update Released

PUBG MOBILE celebrates the arrival of Lionel Messi as honorary captain of the Global Chicken Cup with Update 2.3 by offering a host of football-themed items (in-game outfits, vehicles), events and more. As PUBG MOBILE kicks off an unforgettable sports season, one beautiful game meets another. Players will also be able to unlock a number of new cosmetics as part of Cycle 3 Season 9 and Royale Pass Month 17.

Players who find themselves on the battlefields of Erangel, Livik and Nusa will have the opportunity to discover Messi's Golden shoes. These shoes will give their wearers a valuable speed boost or allow them to take advantage of the Great Soccer Ball, which can be used to pull opponents towards the landing spot after kicking. On the other hand, the single-player Zorb Soccer Ball Vehicle encapsulates players in a huge soccer ball that can be thrown into the air by teammates. More exclusive Messi items and outfits will also be available later in Update 23 starting November 2.3.

With the arrival of the Football Carnival site, Erangel's mine has completely changed. Players will only be able to access the new treasure with even more valuable materials, unlocked after a certain period of time, and will be encouraged to purchase the Rebirth Card, which automatically appears in the area to take a new chance on the battlefield.

In addition to all this, players will be able to reach football fields of different sizes, where they can gain extra materials by connecting the Wonderful Soccer Balls scattered around Erangel with the nets. Players can also use Giant Soccer Balls, which offer great protection but explode after taking too much damage, and have the opportunity to prepare for battle on the soccer-themed Starter Island using Soccer Flare weapons that summon soccer-shaped chests. Thus, players will be able to try many innovations of the update before the game even starts.

The update will include the Unite for One Goal event for the first time in the Rank Up With Friends system, where players will help each other rank up faster and form teams. Those who play on a team with their friends every day from November 20 to December 3 will be able to enjoy a wide range of benefits, including rank protection, extra points when finishing in the top 30, and double the challenge points.

Royale Pass Month 17: Star Glory content arrives on November 19 with updated RP Favorite Crates and more. Other innovations will include details such as a system to flag teammates if they appear in the in-match Aircraft Rankings, Bonus RP Points, and Group Buying.

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