Murat Sağman Evaluated Economic Developments at GAGİAD

Murat Sagman Evaluated Economic Developments at GAGIAD
Murat Sağman Evaluated Economic Developments at GAGİAD

Gaziantep Young Businessmen Association (GAGİAD) hosted Murat Sağman, the Founder of Sagam Strategy Consulting, who draws attention with his evaluations in the field of economy. Commenting on the current situation and future of Turkey and the world economy with economic data, Sağman also answered questions about the economy, from the stock market to the exchange rate, from the crypto money market to Turkey's opportunities. Speaking at the opening of the organization titled “Economy Meeting with Murat Sağman” held at Gaziantep Grand Hotel, GAGİAD Chairman of the Board Cihan Koçer said that they are constantly trying to follow the current situation in order to take more solid steps towards the future.

Expressing that they have signed important organizations in this context, Koçer said, “We are witnessing important developments in the economy as well. Koçer said that following the developments from a different perspective and stating that the economic fragilities that started with the Pandemic continue with the global developments:

“The process that started with the freight crisis, the changes in the commodity and raw material markets and the inflationary environment made it difficult to access finance. However, we think that our state has taken steps towards a solution and a more optimistic environment will be created in the coming period. We foresee that more effective results will be obtained in the near future. Despite everything, Gaziantep is a city that goes to its destination under all circumstances. Gazi is a city that has reached an export figure of 8 billion 696 million dollars between January and October. Last month, we exported 959 million dollars. In other words, we have come to the point of exporting an average of 1 billion dollars per month. As GAGİAD, we support this economic sustainability with the work we do with our members. Together we will continue to write this success story.”

“Extend your feet according to your quilt”

Adnan Ünverdi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gaziantep Chamber of Industry, who attended the meeting, also suggested to young business people that "it is beneficial to stretch your feet according to your quilt".

Ünverdi, who wants long-term plans and predictions to be made instead of instant developments when making a new investment, said:

“We, as a country, went through very difficult times. We also met with the bigger inflation we are facing today. But we never gave up, we never stopped working. We acted thinking that these processes would pass. We thought not only of today, but also of the future and directed our work. That's why we have to believe in ourselves, see the opportunities in the difficulties and act.”

What happens to the rate, will the rise in the stock market continue?

Murat Sağman, who made a presentation on the country and world economy at the beginning of his speech, stated that the most important factor that keeps the Turkish economy alive is the private sector, and said that he finds morale and motivation every time he comes to Gaziantep, which has strong dynamics in this sense. Explaining that the Russia-Ukraine war actually changed the balance for the whole world, Sağman stated that this war is predicted to continue for a while and emphasized that all countries should make their preparations accordingly.

Sağman stated that similar wars are predicted to take place in the world in 2023 and said, “It seems that a recession in 2023 is certain. Especially the first 6 months seem to be especially difficult. Economies in the world will stop, it seems. There are already partial slowdowns. Turkey is also beginning to enter the electoral economy. Therefore, the vulnerabilities in the economy may increase.” he said.

Europe does not know how to manage a crisis

Stating that there are problems in the European economy, Sağman said, “The first half of 2023 is obviously problematic for Europe. You know, there is a slowdown, there is also inflation in parallel. And Europe is not used to such situations. Europe did not see inflation after World War II. In other words, they have not experienced inflation, they do not know what to do when the economy slows down. In fact, they don't know how to manage a crisis like we do. To be honest, we are one of the countries that do this best in the world.”

Turkey has opportunities

Sağman pointed out that Turkey is actually a country that embodies opportunities when he considers the developments in the world, and said: “Yes, we have problems. There is an embargo in Russia, there is a problem in China. How will people see their needs? He will naturally come here because we have a geopolitical position. But our position is one of our existing opportunities. That's why we need to stand out by using it. Of course, for this, we need to solve the exchange rate and inflation issue. There has to be stability.”

“The rate does not explode”

Murat Sağman answered the question about the fluctuation in exchange rates as follows: “Actually, we can say that stability has been achieved in exchange rates for a while now. There is no situation where the exchange rate explodes. At least not until the election. It can gradually increase from 18-odds with a certain stability, but it does not explode. Explosion situations also cause panic in people. According to the statements of some people, serious money will come and the dollar will fall to 15 liras, but I certainly do not expect such a thing. If something like this happens, you will finish off the industrialist. Nobody, especially the state, wants this.”

“There is an inflation-protected stock market”

Stating that the Turkish stock market has entered a rapid upward trend in recent years with the interest of domestic investors, Sağman continued his speech as follows: Why is the stock market rising, because company values ​​increase due to inflation, and profits increase. Actually, there is an inflation-protected stock market, that's the name of the new stock market. In other words, people are buying from the stock market to avoid inflation. It seems like the stock market will go even more in the coming period. There is already a tremendous inflow of money.”

Support for the cryptocurrency market

Murat Sağman also made the following evaluations about crypto money markets: “I didn't sleep with him completely about crypto, I didn't say 'oh, this bubble'. I have always stood in the middle. The world is changing with technology. I did not stand back in this change. There are about 11 thousand cryptos on the market right now, 10 thousand of them will be garbage, that's for sure. I think it will continue to be in our lives. Does anything go from a thousand to 60 thousand? Cryptocurrency has an expectation, crypto will skyrocket to 50-60 thousand again. I don't expect anything like that. I think it goes like this. It may even go lower.”

President Cihan Koçer thanked Murat Sağman at the end of the meeting and presented a plaque and a tree planting certificate planted in his name in the GAGİAD Memorial Forest.

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