Ministry of Treasury and Finance to Recruit 50 Assistant Accounting Auditors

Ministry of Treasury and Finance
Ministry of Treasury and Finance

An entrance exam will be held to be appointed to the vacant 50 (Fifty) Assistant Accounting Auditor positions in the provincial organization of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance.

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The written part of the entrance exam will be held on 18/02/2023 at 10:00 in Ankara.

Candidates who are eligible to take the entrance exam and the exam entrance places will be announced on the internet address ( of the General Directorate of Public Accounts (hereinafter referred to as "General Directorate") at least 15 days before the exam date. Candidates will view their exam information on the Career Gate Platform. Candidates will not be notified separately.

For those who are successful in the written exam, the date and place of the oral exam will be announced on the websites of our Ministry ( and our General Directorate.


The Assistant Accounting Auditor entrance exam will be held in two stages, written and oral.

Those who fail in the written exam are not eligible to take the oral exam.

Entrance exam requirements

Candidates who will apply for the Assistant Accounting Auditor Entrance Exam must meet the following general and special conditions as of the deadline of 30/12/2022:

a) To carry the general conditions specified in the article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48,

b) To have completed at least a four-year undergraduate education faculties of economics and administrative sciences, political sciences, economics, business administration, or one of the four-year faculties whose equivalence is accepted by the competent authorities,

c) To have at least 2021 (Seventy-five) points from the KPSSP2022 or KPSSP47 score type in the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) held by the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center Presidency (ÖSYM) in 48 or 75 (Candidates can apply through only one of the specified scores. it will be in their favor to use the highest score type they have for

ç) Not to have completed the age of thirty-five (35) as of the first day of January of the year in which the written stage of the entrance exam is held (those born on or after 01/01/1988 can apply),

d) To have participated in the entrance exam at most twice before,

e) To have made the application within the deadline.


a) Candidates can submit their applications between 19/12/2022 (09:00) – 30/12/2022 (23:59) via e-Government Ministry of Treasury and Finance/Career Gate Public Recruitment or Career Gate ( .tr) in electronic environment. Applications not made through the career portal ( will not be considered, and applications made in person, via cargo or mail will not be accepted. Applications should not be left to the last day due to disruptions that may or may occur in the electronic environment.

b) The graduation information of the candidates who will apply for the entrance exam is automatically received from the Higher Education Institution via e-Government. Candidates who have errors/incomplete information or whose graduation information does not come, must mark the relevant box in the application form and enter their updated information manually, and upload their diploma or graduation documents to the system in .pdf or .jpeg format.

c) Candidates who have graduated from education institutions in Turkey or abroad and who have an equivalence certificate regarding the educational status sought in the announcement must upload the equivalence certificate to the system in .pdf or .jpeg format instead of a diploma or graduation certificate.
d) Male candidates' military service information is automatically received from the Ministry of National Defense. Candidates with errors in their military information should apply after updating their information from any military service branch.

d) Any application that does not show "Your Transaction Has Been Successfully Completed" will not be considered. Therefore, candidates should check whether the application process has been completed.

e) During the application made within the application dates; Applications in the "Application Not Completed Yet" process in the "Application Status" column on the "Your Applications" screen can be updated by clicking the "Update" button.

f) Candidates who have completed their application within the application deadlines but wish to update their application again; He/she will be able to cancel his/her application in the "Application Received" process in the "Application Status" column on the "Your Applications" screen, by first clicking the "Cancel" button in the "Process" column and clicking the "Cancel My Application" button. When the "Application Canceled" phrase is displayed in the "Application Status" column after the cancellation process is completed, it will be possible to re-apply by clicking the "New Application" button in the upper right corner of the screen.

g) The candidate is responsible for making the application process error-free, complete and in accordance with the issues in the announcement, and uploading the requested documents to the system at the application stage. The candidate who does not comply with these issues will not be able to claim any rights.

ğ) After the end of the applications, no changes can be made to the application information of the candidate for any reason.

h) The Ministry may request the originals of the documents uploaded to the system from the candidates at every stage of the application or examination.

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