Farmers from Izmir Will Be Alerted Against Sudden Climate Events

Farmers from Izmir will be warned against sudden climate events
Farmers from Izmir Will Be Alerted Against Sudden Climate Events

📩 27/11/2022 11:55

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality launched the "Izmir Agriculture" mobile application, which warns the producers against sudden climatic events days in advance. With the early warning system, besides meteorological information, information about planting, planting, harvest time and irrigation and spraying recommendations will be provided to the producers.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn line with the vision of "Another Agriculture is Possible", the "Izmir Agriculture" mobile application was put into use in order to prevent yield loss in agriculture. The application warns manufacturers against sudden weather events as a result of the climate crisis. In addition, producers can get information about planting, planting, harvest time, irrigation and spraying.

“They will even see the cloud over the field”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Head of Information Processing Department Ata Temiz said that citizens should enter the location of their fields on island and parcel basis after downloading the İzmir Agriculture application to their phones and become a member of the application. We receive all the data within three days and send it to the farmers from the system.” Stating that they deliver many data such as precipitation, frost and disease time to the producers with an early warning system, Ata Temiz said: “Information such as soil temperature and soil moisture is also available in the system. We give soil moisture up to 30 cm. Thus, the farmer can access when and how much irrigation they need to do through the system. Spraying time is also important. We can give spraying times by calculating the wind speed. The farmer will also be able to access the information on how many kilometers away the cloud will pass over the field, how many minutes or how many hours it will reach the field and the amount of precipitation it will leave. Thus, they will be able to get all the details about the product they planted and produce and harvest in a healthy way until the harvest time. For example, potato, which is the most planted product in Ödemiş, is more affected by frost. Thanks to this system, we inform the farmer in advance. By taking precautions during the day, they will be able to prevent the damage that will occur.”

“The manufacturer will reach the right information quickly”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department Head Şevket Meriç stated that they will see many benefits of the application in minimizing the damage caused by the climate crisis and said, “The producer will reach the right information quickly. Reaching the right information in a timely manner will ensure that there is as little loss as possible in the food supply. Our municipality and our president Tunç SoyerThere are two main pillars of the vision of 'Another Agriculture is Possible' put forward by . One is drought, the other is the fight against poverty. This system serves both purposes. It not only helps prevent disasters related to the climate crisis, but also paves the way for the right harvest to be made at the right time. The Izmir Agriculture application will also be our supporter in the fight against poverty. The product we obtain on time will reach the consumer in a much healthier way, without intermediaries, at an affordable price.”

“We will make more conscious agriculture”

Özlem Tekin Kaya, a food engineer working at the Ödemiş Demircili Agricultural Development Cooperative, said, “It is important for the regional farmers and producers to make this widespread. There is early frost, there is rain. Because it is unpredictable, it has to be harvested. Products are wasted. In this way, the producer will make more conscious agriculture”. Producer Hakan Baş stated that the practice of “İzmir Agriculture” will have very positive results for the farmers and that they can get the highest yield from the land. Farmer İbrahim Sergeant also said that they will now farm more consciously.

Water will be saved

Thanks to the system, healthy meteorological data are obtained in agricultural production areas. With the data received from the satellite, producers have information such as temperature, air humidity, precipitation amount, wind speed and direction, soil temperature, insolation and soil moisture for their land. Evaporation in the field can be calculated with the application. Soil moisture is also measured. Thus, it can be calculated how much water should be given per decare. Early warnings against pests, spraying and irrigation recommendations will also be learned through the system. Savings will also be achieved with irrigation and spraying at the right time. Consumers will also meet with healthier food.

There are 15 warning notifications in the Early Warning System. Daily, weekly and hourly data are shared over the system. Farmers need to turn on warning notifications to take advantage of the early warning system after registration.

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