'Izmir Parent Academies' Continues

'Izmir Parent Academies Continues
'Izmir Parent Academies' Continues

The “Izmir Parent Academies” project was prepared by the Izmir Provincial Directorate of National Education, based on the idea that the family plays a major role in raising individuals who adapt to the developing and changing world. In the project, it is aimed to strengthen the communication of parents with their children, to help parents to better understand their children and to show attitudes according to the reasons for their behavior, and to make parent-child dialogue healthier.

Based on the importance of parent education in educational institutions, education programs for parents were held in the 2021-2022 academic year with the participation of many parents in order to enable families to communicate consciously with their children.

The process to increase communication and coordination continues

İzmir Provincial Directorate of National Education continues a process that will increase communication and coordination by meeting with parents in the 2022-2023 academic year as part of the Parent Academies Project.

Preschool, primary school, secondary school, high school and special education practice school parents can attend the trainings that will be held under two main headings, 'General Parent-Child Parent Education' and 'Inclusive Integrative Parent Education'. The trainings will be organized face-to-face and online in 30 districts under the coordination of İzmir Provincial Directorate of National Education expert guidance teachers and guidance research centers.

20 trainings will be held on General Parent-Child Parent Education

Within the scope of 'Parent Academies', 20 trainings on 'General Parent-Child Parent Education' will be held. The titles of the trainings were determined as follows; 'Parental Attitudes in Developing Emotion Regulation (Regulation) Skills in Children', 'Positive Self Development with Parental Approaches in Peer Relationships', 'Healthy Boundaries in Child-Parent Relationships', 'Raising Environmentally Sensitive Children', 'Children Critical Thinking with Philosophy for Children' Skills Gaining Methods', 'The Role of the Family in Instilling Awareness on Correct Nutrition', 'Structuring the Value System in Children', 'Parental Attitudes and Behavior Management in Children', 'Next Generation Parenting Styles and Their Effects on Children', 'Being a Happy Parent/Mindful Parent', 'Being a Parent in the Digital Age/Digital Awareness for Parents', 'Adolescent Development Views and Parental Approaches/Adolescent-Parent Communication', 'Family Support for Self-Control and Self-Regulation Skills in Children', 'The Importance of Family Support in the Exam Preparation Process', ' The Effects of Parental Attitudes on the Exam Period', 'The Culture of Reading in Children'

The Effect of the Family on the Formation of the Family', 'How to Play Games with the Child in Which Period?', 'Being the Parent of a Gifted Child', 'Conscious Use of Technology in Children', 'Suggestions for Families in Developing Positive Behavior in Children'.

9 trainings will be held for Inclusive Integrative Parent Education

Within the scope of Parent Academies, 9 trainings will be held for Inclusive Integrative Parent Education. Topics to be carried out in this context are as follows: 'Qualified parent-child interaction in children with developmental disabilities', 'The benefits of using early intervention techniques together with sensory integration and language therapy', 'Natural Teaching Techniques for Children with Special Needs to Acquire Daily Life Skills with Routines', 'Special How Can the Cognitive Processes of Children with Needs Be Managed at Home?', 'Needs of Families with Children with Special Needs', 'Parent-Centered Early Intervention for Pervasive Developmental Disorder', 'Differences Between Dyslexia and Learning Disability', 'Strength Development Methods for Parents of Children with Special Needs', 'The Importance of Play and Music in Early Childhood Special Education'

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