IMM Regional Employment Offices Find Jobs in Private Sector for 75 Thousand People

IBB Regional Employment Offices Find Jobs in the Private Sector for Thousand People
IMM Regional Employment Offices Find Jobs in Private Sector for 75 Thousand People

Regional Employment Offices established by IMM brought together employers in the private sector and job seekers. Their needs were identified and detailed discussions were held. The employer-firm network, which is growing day by day, has reached 12 thousand. With its renewed structure, Institute Istanbul İSMEK focused on vocational trainings for employment. IMM's versatile employment policy was a breath of fresh air for job seekers. Under the conditions of the economic crisis, 75 thousand people found employment in the private sector.

Regional Employment Offices (PfP), opened by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) in 2020 to bring job seekers and employers together, serve Istanbul residents with 15 centers and 2 mobile offices. It mediates job seekers to find the job they want and employers to find qualified employees. To date, approximately 12 thousand people have applied to PfPs, which have close to 507 thousand employer companies in their records. The number of job seekers reached 75.


With the Arnavutköy and Sarıyer offices opened in the summer of 2022, the number of PfPs has reached 15, meeting with job seekers with 2 mobile offices that visit Istanbul squares every week. In the offices located in Küçükçekmece, Büyükçekmece, Şişli, Bayrampaşa, Sultangazi, Bağcılar, Bahçelievler, Silivri, Arnavutköy, Sarıyer, Ümraniye, Üsküdar, Tuzla, Kartal and Sancaktepe, face-to-face interviews are also carried out with those who reach them by phone or by calling 444 8 333. In addition, online service is provided through the portal.


Regional Employment Offices work intensively on opening 'Women-Specific' job opportunities and positions by meeting with companies in order to increase women's employment and support women's participation in business life and production. As a result of these studies, while the employment of women in Istanbul was 31,54 percent, the employment of women in the job placements of PfPs was 38.30 percent.


Youth employment came to the fore in job placements. Among the job seekers, youth in the 20-24 age group constituted 37 percent of all placements, while the 25-29 age group took the second place with 21 percent, and the 30-34 age group took the third place.


Enstitü Istanbul İSMEK, which IMM renewed its structure according to the requirements of the day, contributes to the training of qualified workforce and employment by cooperating with PfPs. With courses and trainings, it is possible to train a workforce with the knowledge, skills and competencies that are needed.


PfPs cooperate with many professional organizations and NGOs (associations, unions, federations, employers' unions, professional chambers, foundations) representing the industry and service sectors to determine the qualified workforce needs of the sector, to supply workforce and to provide employment by giving people a profession.

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